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Container Of Soccer Shirts: For All Your Hooligans

Soccer ShirtsIf you like soccer and wearing a shirt then this Container Of Soccer Shirts that will be up for live auction would be the best thing that you could ever get yourself. This container is located in California and can be picked up or shipped out when you win. Soccer is the world’s sport and if you have a deep and passionate love for the game like every soccer fan then you should definitely head on over to the state of Cali to get your fill of these shirts. Shirts are also great to begin with and when you have a stock of these then you would do well to resell them if you want at a later date. They look like they come in various shapes and sizes but they are all still new. If you owned a sporting good store then this would be a great lot to put on your shelf and make a profit on. You can find out more about this lot of shirts and about many more auctions by clicking here to log in.

Women’s Soccer Jersey: Sporty and Stylish

Soccer JerseyStill have World Cup fever? Wish you could dress like you favorite soccer stars? If so, this is the perfect deal for you. Up for auction is a Women’s Soccer Jersey. This shirt would be a perfect gift for your daughter or just a great deal on an item for yourself. The jersey is size 12. These items don’t come around for auction that often–so if you want to acquire an asset such as this, you should definitely jump on it. The jersey is a glossy and shimmering navy blue, and has soccer designs sprawled across it. To get your chance to bid on this item, you will have to attend the live auction that takes place on September 1. The auction is in New Jersey. If you would like more details on this item, click here.