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Lacoste Shirt: It Won’t Cost Ye Much..Get It?

lacosteFashion can be a bit expensive sometimes. Guys can be lazy sometimes. When you combine the desire to stay home instead of shop with the fact that you don’t want to spend money, you could be looking at a closet full of ratty t-shirts that the Salvation Army wouldn’t even take. If you want a stylish shirt but do not want to pay full price, then you should stop in at Miami next month where there will be a live auction held for a ton of items including but not limited to this white and blue Lacoste Shirt. This shirt would make you look like a million bucks and not nearly that price. Find out more by activating your free trial account.

Brown Tee Shirt Packs: It’s…Tee…Shirt…Timeee!

teesThis is a surplus savings deal for the ages. You don’t see deals like this come around too often. Up for auction today is one lot containing three packs of brown tee shirts. There is approximately 473 packs in this lot. These assets are all unused and come sealed in the original packaging. If you know the right people and places, you could make a hefty profit when you resell these items. You can break up the packages and sell them one by one, or just sell the whole lot for a great value. These items are only available through an online auction that is ending in one day. The current bid is $961. If you want all the extra info on this auction, just head to GovernmentAuctions.org for everything you need.

Women’s Soccer Jersey: Sporty and Stylish

Soccer JerseyStill have World Cup fever? Wish you could dress like you favorite soccer stars? If so, this is the perfect deal for you. Up for auction is a Women’s Soccer Jersey. This shirt would be a perfect gift for your daughter or just a great deal on an item for yourself. The jersey is size 12. These items don’t come around for auction that often–so if you want to acquire an asset such as this, you should definitely jump on it. The jersey is a glossy and shimmering navy blue, and has soccer designs sprawled across it. To get your chance to bid on this item, you will have to attend the live auction that takes place on September 1. The auction is in New Jersey. If you would like more details on this item, click here.