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24K Seized Gold Plates: Gold…In Space!

gold platesNext up on the auction block is something you just don’t see every day. The auction is for one lot consisting of six 24 carat gold plates that weigh a total of 6,015.5 grams. What makes these metal plates so unique is that they were reportedly flown in space for 69 months. There is no joke following that statement; it’s the truth. Other than that we really don’t know much about it, however you can schedule an appointment for an inspection in person if you so desired. The current asking price for these auction items is at $221,085 with 14 online bids already placed. To learn more about this auction deal and to find out how to schedule an appointment for a live preview, simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial account! 


iOptron SmartStar G N114 GoTo GPS Reflector Telescope: See If There’s Life On Mars

telescopeTake a peek at this next auction deal for a iOptron SmartStar G N114 GoTo GPS Reflector Telescope that will be available for live auction at the beginning of next month in Riverside, California. This Newtonian telescope system was designed with the latest technology and its 114 mm mirror is crafted with aluminum coated mirrors and exacting alignment.  With this telescope you’ll be able to view planets, star clusters and nebulae up close. It’s also capable of taking dramatic astro-photographs. And with its two eye pieces which come standard, you can switch between either a wider field of view or a single focused object. Normally retailing for several hundred dollars, you’ll get this telescope for a mere fraction of the price if you attend this upcoming live seized auction. Click here now to begin your 3 day free trial account.

1989 Space Commemorative Silver Coins: To Infinity!

spacecoinsCoin collecting is the hobby of many people worldwide. Anyone can do it and you can start anytime. If you have a coin collection or are eager to start one, then you should check out this current online auction for a set of 1989 Space Commemorative Silver Coins. These coins are dedicated to the moon landing that happened 20 years prior in 1969. These 4 95% silver coins were produced in limited quantities, making them immediately collectible. The current bid on this lot of silver coins is only $160 with the auction ending tomorrow. You should act now if you want to get a steal!  Find out more about these coins by clicking here to activate your free trial account.