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Belkin 11 Outlet Conceal Surge Protector: Shockingly Cheap Deals!

belkinLooking for a great deal on a surge protector for your computer. Well say no more, because going up for live auction on December 11th of this year in Pompano Beach, Florida is this Belkin 11 Outlet Conceal Surge Protector! This surge protector not only powers all of your electrical devices, but it also organizes your cables and keeps them out of view thanks to its sleek closing cover. It has 11 surge protected outlets in total, and gives you protection for phone, fax, modem lines, and your DSL/cable/satellite connections. The cord measures 6 feet long and the surge energy rating is 3195 joules. So if you’re looking to turn your messy computer station into a neat one, then be sure to preview this upcoming item in person before bidding. To learn more about this particular auction and venue, we recommend you click here now to activate your free 3 day trial account.

6 Surge Protectors: 12 Open Spots!

Surge ProtectorsIf you have a lot of gadgets or stuff plugged in at home, then you should definitely check out this upcoming online auction for 6 Surge Protectors. These surge protectors have 12 outlets that you can use to your liking. There is more than enough room on this device for all of your computers, printers, TVs, video game systems, speaker equipment, lights, lamps, and whatever else you got. You could use this lot of surge protectors as a charger nest for all of your phones, tablets, music players, handheld gaming devices, and more. They look like they come in in original packaging and would be a great asset if you were running a computer store and wanted some more inventory! You can probably get a great deal on this lot! Find out more about this lot of items as well as many other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now.