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Veari Crocodile Handbag: Exotic Fashion

croc bagWell, here’s a rare sight. For those interested in exotic fashion, here’s a Veari Crocodile Handbag available at this upcoming live auction. Before anyone gets too worried about animal fashion, crocodile accessories aren’t nearly as terrible as hunting down minks or poaching elephants, which is straight-up illegal. For crocodile merchandise, there are actually legitimate farms that serve to breed, raise and slaughter them for human consumption and products, much like we see in domesticated farm animals like cows, pigs, etc. However, it still takes a lot of work to maintain such farms and creatures, which makes crocodile handbags some of the priciest fashion accessories around. Some can easily go 10 times as expensive as a genuine leather bag. But rest assured, there’s a great chance that you can pick up this bag for a fraction of its market value at this auction. To get the info you need, you should start here by activating your 3 day free trial account.