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48 Pairs Of Magnesium Snowshoes: Through The Arctic Tundra

snowshoeslotSnowshoes are a necessity in winter, especially if you know you are in an area that produces a lot of snow. If you know what we are talking about then you should check out this current online auction for 48 Pairs Of Magnesium Snowshoes. These snowshoes go on over your regular non snow shoes so you can trek through the arctic tundra with the greatest of ease. They are located in Minnesota and can be yours soon. They can definitely be shipped out to you with no problem whatsoever. The current bid on this lot is only $190 with the auction ending May 13. Find out more about this auction and many others by clicking here to log in to your account.

138 Pairs Of Snowshoes: Keep On Walking

snowshoesWinter time is coming and if you live in a northern area of the country that gets inundated with snow then you should definitely check out this current online auction for 138 Pairs Of Snowshoes. These shoes could keep you on top of the snow and out of danger. These would come in handy during those blizzards where you can’t even walk an inch without getting sucked down into two to three feet of snow. They would also come in handy if you owned  a snow tour company; you could rent these shoes out and make a bit of a profit. the current bid on this lot of items is only $506 with the auction ending today. Find out more here.