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Crystal Paper Weight: Helping You Hold Down Those Pesky Papers

paper weightWe all have a desk–either at work or at home. No matter what, you are going to have lose papers scattered all over your work space. You need some consistency in your life…it’s time for some help. Up for auction today is a crystal paper weight. This great item has a majestic ram in the center of the weight. It shimmers in the sunlight and will always be fun to stare at when you are having a brain cramp. If you want an opportunity to bid on this cool desk item, you are going to have to check out the online auction. There is only five days left to throw down a bid. The current bid on this item is only $50. Want more info? Head over to GovernmentAuctions.org.

Bowflex Dumbbell Set: Changing Your Weight With Ease

bowflex weightWorking out is a great personal hobby. Working out at your home is even better. There is no need to drop hundreds, even thousands of dollars on gym memberships. Up for auction is Bowflex dumbbell set. These assets are great for anyone who likes to fluctuate their weight when working out. You can bring adjust a weight higher or lower each time you use it. They are plastic and have metal grips. These assets are a great starter set for anyone looking to just get into working out. This set is only available through an online auction. The auction itself is scheduled to end on October 20 at 11am. Make sure you keep your eye on these assets. For more information, just head to GovernmentAuctions.org for all the details.

Full Home Gym: Film Your Own Pumping Iron!

exercise equipmentReady to be blown away by an awesome deal? Today’s auction is for a lot of exercise equipment. There are 12 items in this auction. Do you drive to your gym every morning and say, “I wish I didn’t have to drive all the way out here for a 45 minute workout.” Well…you never have to utter those words ever again. This auction contains a bench press, Cybex weight bench, and Nautilis exercise equipment. These assets are only available through an online auction. There is only two days left to throw your hat into the ring and make a bid. The current bid for these assets is only $75. Time is wasting. To get all the information on this auction, and many more like it, just click here.

Lot Of Weights: Time To Get Fit!

dumbbell weightsForget that gym membership that is all the way across town. You can do everything you do there at your own house. But first, you will need the right equipment. Up for auction today is a set of dumbbell weights. There is approximately 500 pieces in this lot. These can be attached to any sized dumbbell for various increments if weights. In no time, you are going to have monster arms! These assets are available through an online auction. There is only four days left to make a bid on these weights. The current bid is at a super-low $25. You don’t want to miss out on this awesome deal. For more information on this item, click here and activate your free trial account now.

Weight Scale: Heavy Savings

weight scaleWant your exact weight measurement every morning? Sick of looking at your bathroom scale that is always either too high or too low? Well, fear not people…here is your answer. This auction is for a Weight Scale. When calibrated correctly, this piece of equipment can tell you to your exact weight within seconds. These are the type of scales you see at your local gym. Now you don’t need to check yourself when you are exhausted and sweating from your workout…you can now check your weight home. This item is available through a live auction. It takes place on September 1–so mark your calenders. This government auction is on the East Coast. If you want more info on this item, and many more spectacular assets, click here to activate today.