Ferrari and Lacoste Eau De Toilette Cologne: Smell Good. Really Good.

ferraricologneSmelling good is important. Not only does it say a lot about your personal hygiene, but it also helps with the ladies. Included in this next surplus online auction are the following items to help you smell good. It includes a brand new and sealed box of Ferrari eau de toilette cologne (4.2 fl oz), a new and sealed box of Lacoste eau de toilette (3.3 fl oz), a small black toiletry case, and 2 small tubes of Clarin’s Paris Men’s fatigue fighter gel and active face wash. Normally this stuff would retail in stores for a nice chunk of change, but the current bid is just $34.00 with 10 bids and exactly 6 days and 3 hours remaining. Want to find out more about this and other cologne auctions currently going on? All you have to do is click here to get registered for your 3 day free trial. Don’t delay!

Lockerbie Potters Wheel, Model K: Get In Touch With Your Creative Side

wheelRemember that steamy scene involving pottery in the movie Ghost? That was probably the sexiest making actual pottery can get. If you’d like to reenact that scene on your very own, now you can, by checking out this next auction for a Lockerbie Potters Wheel, Model K. When you’re not reenacting scenes from movies, you can use this pottery wheel to create some really sweet stuff! Ever wanted to make a vase? How about an ashtray or a bowl? Now you can! The wheel is stated to be in good working condition and is just one of many currently being auctioned off online. The current price for this item is $182.50 with 10 bids and less than a day remaining. Get in touch with your creative side and check out this auction now. All you have to do is click here to register and activate your 3 day free trial.

2007 BMW R1200RT-P Motorcycle: A Brand You Can Trust

bmwbikeEveryone knows that BMW makes some phenomenal cars, but many people don’t know that they also many phenomenal motorcycles. This 2007 BMW motorcycle is a perfect example of incredible German engineering. This specific model, the R1200RT-P, has a four stroke, 2 cylinder, 8 valve, 1,170 CC engine, ABS brakes, and 13,189 miles. The engine is air and oil cooled, and is a flat twin, boxer engine. The transmission is a 6 speed shaft drive. Although this bike hasn’t been driven in several months it is stated to have been in working condition prior to then.  The only stated issued with this motorcycle is a dead battery, which is easily replaceable. As of right now the current price for this vehicle is $4,475 with 4 days and 2 hours left to bid. Hurry up and register right now for your 3 day free trial before this amazing surplus auction deal passes you by!

2008 Toyota Prius: Be Kind to the Environment

priusWant to drive a eco-friendly car that will not only be kind to the environment but will also be kind to your wallet? Well maybe it’s time you finally got that Toyota Prius. Not only is it totally not a gas guzzler, but it’s also surprisingly spacious too. The government is currently selling this one through a popular online surplus website. This 2008 Toyota Prius is in good condition both inside and out and sports a 1.5 liter 4I engine, automatic transmission, A/C, dual air bags, AM/FM/CD, cruise, power windows and door locks, power mirrors, tilt wheel, and more. The tires are in good shape and it has just 64,415 miles. As of right now the current bid is just $9,000 with 11 days and 1 hour left to bid. Hurry up and register right now for your free 3 day trial in order to find out how to go about bidding on this sweet deal.

1930s Water Wagon: Quench Your Thirst The Old Fashioned Way

waterwagonPretend it’s a hot day. It’s 97 degrees outside and climbing. Sure you could take a swig of water from that plain old plastic bottle you’re carrying, or, you could take a drink from your very own 1930s water wagon instead! Sure it might be a bit clunkier to walk around with and we’re not sure you’d actually want to drink the water that comes out of it, but think about how cool you’ll look! This item is a real collectible for anyone who loves their antiques. It’s stated to be in fair condition and may need some restoration, but if you’re up for the job you could easily turn this into an amazing functioning water wagon once again! As of right now, the current bid on it is $3,150 with 8 bids already placed on it. The auction ends in exactly 7 days and 6 hours so be sure to register right now to find out how to go about placing your very own online bid!

Go Green, Own a Greenhouse!

greenhouseHave a green thumb but have no place to grow your delicious fruits and veggies? Well you’re in luck because here’s your chance to own your very own greenhouse! Currently being auctioned off online, this greenhouse measures 30 feet x 41 feet and is in perfect working condition as you can see from the picture. Here’s your chance to showcase your talents for cultivation and grow absolutely whatever you’d like. As of right now the current price of this auction is $3,050 with 19 bids already place. The greenhouse is located in Casa Grande, AZ and the winning bidder will be solely responsible for the building’s removal. Although the auction ends in 4 days and 3 hours, the winning bidder will not be required to move the greenhouse until May 15th, so you’ve got plenty of time to decide how you’re going to transport this thing.  Anyway, if you’d like to find out more about this online auction, we recommend you click here to register for your free trial.

50 HP Compaq DC7800 Computers and HP L1908WM Monitors: An Army of PCs

pclots1Here’s another fantastic lot auction currently being held through a very popular government surplus website. The auction is for 50 HP Compaq DC7800 Small Form Factor PCs. Each computer comes with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 2GB of RAM, 160 GB SATA Hard Drive, 512 MB Video Card (dedicated), Sound Card with built-in speaker, audio jack, and microphone jack, Integrated Network Card 10/100/1000, 1 parallel port, 1 serial port, 8 USB slots, a mouse and keyboard, and Windows Vista Business OS License. The hard drives from these PCs have been wiped clean. Also included in this auction are 50 HP L1908WM monitors. Each monitor has a 19″ display, 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz WXGA+ Native Display, and DVI-D and VGA connectors. As of right now, the current bid is $4,100 with 12 bids and just 5 hours and 37 minutes remaining. Hurry and click here to register for your 3 day free trial before this deal is gone forever!

Lot of 16 CRT TVs: When TVs Were Built To Last

crt tvsWhat’s better than 1 television? 16 televisions of course! Which is why you need to check out this next online surplus auction for one lot being sold as one for 16 CRT televisions. We know what you’re thinking! They’re old! I can’t watch anything on this! First of all, quit whining! Unless your 6 years old, HDTVs haven’t exactly been around for very long. To us it feels like only yesterday that we were watching Star Wars episode II on our 27″ Sony Trinitron TV. Those were the good old days… Anyway, these TVs are in perfectly good and working condition except for one. Included in this lot are the following TVs: 4-32″ Sonys, 1-26″ Sanyo, 1-32″ Sanyo, 4-26″ Philips, 1-26″ Sharp, 1-19″ Toshiba, 1-26″ Emerson, 1-26″ GE, 1-19″ RCA, and 1-32″ Monivision. The current online bid is $21.50 with 4 bids already placed, and 1 day and 4 hours remaining. To learn more about this sweet online surplus deal, we strongly suggest you register right now for your 3 day free trial.

APC BR1500G BACK-UPS Pro 1500: Because Mother Nature Doesn’t Care If You Need To Use a Computer

upsSay you’re working on your computer late at night during a really bad storm, when suddenly the power goes out. Every light and power consuming appliance in your home suddenly goes out. That presentation you were working on for 8 hours straight is suddenly gone in an instant. What do you do? Well, perhaps if you had an uninterrupted power supply (UPS) your computer and everything on it would still be there, but sadly you didn’t. So boys and girls, how can we avoid terrible scenarios like this in the future? With a backup power supply of course! Fortunately for you this item is exactly what you need and is currently up for online auction. This APC Back-UPS Pro 1500 provides you with an abundance of battery backup power, making working through medium length power outages a breeze. It safeguards your equipment against power surges and spikes that travel along utility lines that may potentially damage your computer. As of right now the current bid on this UPS is just $25.00 with 7 days and 7 hours remaining. Register now to learn more about this online surplus auction.

Dell PCs and Monitors: Enough Computer Power To Get Your Business Up and Running

pclotsWhere can you find 6 PCs, 7 monitors, a printer and uninterpretable power supply for one low low price? At a surplus property auction of course! If you need computers and other gadgets for your home or office, then this is definitely the way to go. This entire lot contains the following items: 6 Dell Optiplex 755 PCs, 7 Dell flat-panel monitors, 1 HP Officejet 4500 printer, and 1 APC model BK350 UPS. The PCs are each bundled with a mouse, keyboard, and power cord. Each of the monitor also includes a video cord and power cord, however the monitors do not include their original stands. The HP printer comes with a power supply and USB cable, and all of these used items, while still in working condition, are being sold “as is”. As of right now the current online bid for this deal, is just $222.50 with a remaining time of 9 days and 1 hour. To find out how to go about placing your very own online bid, we recommend you click here to quickly get registered for your 3 day free trial. Don’t delay!