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Sony Laptop and Apple iMac: PC and Mac Living In Perfect Harmony

computersAre you in need of a new computer? Well we’ve got you covered because now up for online auction is this deal consisting of not one, but two computers! They include one Sony VAIO laptop computer, model VPCW111XX/W (SN# 3114864), as well as one 27″ Apple iMac desktop computer with wireless keyboard and mouse (S/N#QP02236ED4V). These computers are stated to be in good condition with no known defects. Why pay thousands of dollars on computers when you can get them from a surplus government auction for a mere fraction of the cost? The current asking price for these items is just $1,671 with 5 online bids already placed. The winning bidder of this auction will be responsible for the items removal. This auction will be ending in 5 days, 19 hours, and 22 minutes so be sure to click here now to find out more.


Electronics Bundle: Macs, PCs, Printers, and More!

maxHave a look at this next surplus auction deal, consists of one lot of random electronic-y goodness. The items included in this bundle included (bear with us it’s a long list): 1 Apple iMac Pro laptop computer; Samsung DVD writer, model SE-so84; HP Pavilion Slimline, model S3321P; Apple iPad 3G (64GB); ADS Tech external HDD, Acomdata external HDD with cables; HP Pavilion model A6000PC; Apple iMac Desktop with 27″ monitor, wireless keyboard/mouse and external hard drive; Apple Macbook Pro laptop with carrying case; 2 Epson Stylus C88 Color printer, model B251A; and a Dell Optiplex GX460. These items appear to be in good working condition and were previously used by the government, but have now been declared as surplus. The current asking price for this online auction deal is just $1,064 with 12 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 8 days, 21 hours, and 23 minutes; so be sure to click here to activate your free 3 day trial account!

Bulk Auction for 200+ Laptops: Get Computing!

laptopNeed a laptop? How about 200 laptops? Well that’s around the number of laptops the government is currently auctioning off in this massive bulk auction. The laptops are stated to be in used but good working condition. The lot includes the following makes and/or models: (1) Sager laptop computer, model 9200D; (61) Dell laptop computers; (4) Sony laptops, models (1) PCG-V505EC24, (1) R505GC (CTO) & (2) PCG-8P1L; (1) Panasonic laptop model CF-28; (2) HP portable tablet, model TC1000; (1) HP Omnibook, model 4150; (22) IBM laptops; (4) Panasonic laptops, model (2) CF-28 & (2) CF-Y7BWAZZAM; (3) Fujitsu laptops, model (1) Stylistic, (1) ST5032 & (1) ST5000; and many many more! There are too many laptops to list because there are so many, but trust us when we say that this is definitely an auction you’re going to want to check out. At the moment, the price for this online auction is $1,360 with 5 online bids already placed. To find out more about this online auction, make sure to activate your 3 day free trial account.

50 HP Compaq DC7800 Computers and HP L1908WM Monitors: An Army of PCs

pclots1Here’s another fantastic lot auction currently being held through a very popular government surplus website. The auction is for 50 HP Compaq DC7800 Small Form Factor PCs. Each computer comes with a 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processors, 2GB of RAM, 160 GB SATA Hard Drive, 512 MB Video Card (dedicated), Sound Card with built-in speaker, audio jack, and microphone jack, Integrated Network Card 10/100/1000, 1 parallel port, 1 serial port, 8 USB slots, a mouse and keyboard, and Windows Vista Business OS License. The hard drives from these PCs have been wiped clean. Also included in this auction are 50 HP L1908WM monitors. Each monitor has a 19″ display, 1440 x 900 @ 60 Hz WXGA+ Native Display, and DVI-D and VGA connectors. As of right now, the current bid is $4,100 with 12 bids and just 5 hours and 37 minutes remaining. Hurry and click here to register for your 3 day free trial before this deal is gone forever!

Dell PCs and Monitors: Enough Computer Power To Get Your Business Up and Running

pclotsWhere can you find 6 PCs, 7 monitors, a printer and uninterpretable power supply for one low low price? At a surplus property auction of course! If you need computers and other gadgets for your home or office, then this is definitely the way to go. This entire lot contains the following items: 6 Dell Optiplex 755 PCs, 7 Dell flat-panel monitors, 1 HP Officejet 4500 printer, and 1 APC model BK350 UPS. The PCs are each bundled with a mouse, keyboard, and power cord. Each of the monitor also includes a video cord and power cord, however the monitors do not include their original stands. The HP printer comes with a power supply and USB cable, and all of these used items, while still in working condition, are being sold “as is”. As of right now the current online bid for this deal, is just $222.50 with a remaining time of 9 days and 1 hour. To find out how to go about placing your very own online bid, we recommend you click here to quickly get registered for your 3 day free trial. Don’t delay!