Aluminum Search and Rescue Boat: Surplusy Goodness

utilityboatNext up: a very sweet deal on an aluminum search and rescue boat. This boat was formerly used by the United States Coast Guard but has not been declared as surplus and is available for bid to the general public. This vessel measures 41 feet long, and has a 13 ft beam and 4’6″ draft. It is powered by two Cummins diesel engines, model VT-903M and has a fuel capacity of 486.8 gallons. Displacement is 30,000 lbs for a full load and the range at 18 knots is 300 nautical miles. All of the electronics onboard have been removed so you’ll probably have to replace them all in order to restore this vessel to its former glory. An inspection of the boat is highly encouraged and can be arranged by contacting the people involved. The current price for this auction is $28,003 with 4 online bids already placed and less than 5 days remaining. Click here now to get the inside scoop on this online surplus auction!