2006 CHRYSLER 300 SRT 8

Speed, power, and seating for 5 – this is the ultimate car for both business as well as pleasure. This 2006  Chrysler 300 Sedan is loaded up with SRT 8 (Street Racing Technology, V8 Hemi engine) technology that will literally make you sink into your sit when you hit the gas pedal. This relatively cheap Chrysler 300 is the best a man (or woman) can get. Instead of wasting you hard earned cash on the cheapest Bentley you can get, just invest your cash into this customized 300 SRT 8 beast of a car. The logic is simple: Affordable = Chrysler 300. Bentley = WAYYYY too expensive, and both cars have pretty much the same look. This monster of an engine can push this vehicle from zero to sixty in just 4.7 seconds with its incredible hemi v-8 engine. This engine has an incredible 6.1 liters of displacement, and 425 Horse Power and makes use of SFI (sequential Fuel Injection).  Besides the engine, there are many other attractive components to this ride. Included in the extensive features are Air Conditioning (A/C), Power Steering, Power Brakes, Am and FM Stereo Radio, Tape Player (holds 2), CD Player, Power Seats, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Key less Entry, Alarm System (on key), Cruise Control, Tilt Steering wheel, Delay Wipers, Power Sun Roof, Power Moon Roof, Leather Seats, and Air Bags. Please note that the check engine light and ABS (auto Brake System) light are on. Thee is a brand new battery in this vehicle, so you do not need to worry about electrical power anytime soon! This SRT-8 Chrysler 300 comes with a custom matte grey paint job, custom body stickers, and custom blacked out rims.

Chrysler 300 has a 6.1L Hemi V-8; Therefore, the SRT version is known as the Chrysler 300 SRT-8

6.1L Chrysler V8 Hemi Engine 425 hp

0-60 in 4.7 seconds

Year: 2006
Make: Chrysler
Model: 300 Srt 8
Mileage: 124036

This auction ends on December the fifteenth, at 12:00 Noon Central Time (12:00 PM, CT). This means that you, the lucky winner of this auction, have just under 11 days and 1 hour to make this 2006 Chrysler 300 SRT  yours! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial today!

red motorcycle

$45,000 Retail Big Bear Chopper Motorcycle Sale

Own the roads with this custom chopper that will turn heads and burn rubber! Up for auction today is one super-awesome 2006 edition of the Sled 300 Motorcycle made by Big Bear Choppers. This Motorcycle sale is an excellent opportunity to buy a custom bike in excellent condition. The engine has two cylinders with a 1.63 liter displacement, and runs a mean rear wheel drive on its fat rear tire. The bike rides on custom spoke motorcycles wheels, with Venom X tires. Although mileage is not verified, this mega motorcycle is in excellent running condition. You can buy this chopper for a plethora of reasons. You might be in the mood of adding to your collection of sport touring motorcycles. Maybe you are into extreme motorcycles and this one is right up your alley! for whatever reason you are interesting in placing your bid, this bike would be the perfect match for you – especially as you’re geared up with your favorite leather motorcycle accessories. Since this motorcycle retails at a cool $45,000, it requires a bid deposit of $2,280.

Design Features

• Proprietary patented mid-section stretch in the frame for better weight distribution and handling
• Super low neck height with an aggressive 44° rake for a long -n- low awe-inspiring stance
• Slammed seat height of 20” that enhances the riding senses and enables low speed confidence
• Unique radius dual downtubes and stretched backbone
• Creative and patented fuel tank that meets seamlessly into the seat
• Patented oil tank holds 5 quarts of oil for engine optimization
• Dramatic rolling fenders that finish off with a point
• Famous and patented Venom™ swingarm
• Comfortable handlebar design


This auction ends on December Tenth, at Noon (12:00 PM, CT). This means that you, the lucky winner of this auction, have just over six days and one hour to make this “hot rod motorcycle” your very own like new chopper! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial today!

Farming equipment auctions going on now!

This never used Toro Workman 200 gallon sprayer has been stored outdoors for two years and is still in great condition. The tank is made out of a low profile polyethylene, and filled to capacity can hold 200 gallons at 220 psi (1,500 kpa). Equipped with a foldable spray boom can be fully extended to 18.5 feet provides for a wide spray of herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide or fertilizer application. The unique, thought out design is made to keep you outside and not in the shop fixing things. The O-ring seals on the pumps are designed to be leak free and able to be disconnected without the use of tools, the dual diaphragm pump keeps you from damaging anything if you accidentally run it dry and the end pieces of the boom that extend beyond the width of the cab are designed to flex away from any obstacles so if you hit a tree, neither the tree nor your pump get ruined. The auction is based out of Fort Worth, TX with a current bid of $500 with just 5 bidders and an end date of December 9 at 11;33 Central Time (CT). For more information on this auction, click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial.

11 Acre Baltimore, MD office space for up for auction!

Up for auction is the former Social Security Administrations MetroWest Facility. This fully functioning and ready for occupation building is located on the northwestern edge of the Baltimore, MD central business district at 300 N. Greene Street. Located in the Westside neighborhood of Baltimore, the property is adjacent to many large institutions and offices, including many of UMD’s sites.

The building itself was erected in 1980, and is configured as two separate buildings connected by a two story wing that spans W. Mulberry street. The property itself is most similar to Class B property which in general is described as “for a wide range of users with rents in the average range for the area” so it can be utilized for a wide manner of uses. It isn’t every day that a centrally located, fully built and ready for use building is up for auction and with its modern façade and thoughtfully built interior, the building looks ready for immediate occupation.

Building details at a glance.

  • Zoned as B-5-1 for Central Commercial District.
  • Sits on 10.77 acres of land/two full city blocks
  • 899,892 Rentable Square Footage
  • 518 garage parking spaces
  • Cafeteria
  • 16 floors of office space spread between both buildings
  • 2 floors of penthouse
  • Mechanical area
  • 4 story atrium lobby into the South Building.
  • Childcare center

The bidding style for this auction is called a “sealed bid auction.” This means that anyone interested in buying the property sends in their bid which is then held until a certain date. On the specified auction ending date, all the envelopes are opened and the highest bid is the one that is considered. The $200,000 deposit that is required to bid means this auction is not for the faint of heart and low on expendable cash resources. On the other hand, if you are able to meet the requirements and have the money to spend, then this auction is worth a look. Bidding doesn’t begin until January 27, so if you are interested, click here to subscribe to www.GovernmentAuctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial and get more detailed information including blueprints, environmental surveys and other important information.

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