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Farming Real Estate – Reba Plumley Farm!

Calling all FARMERS! This one is for all of you farming lovers out there looking to invest in some land this year. You may be in luck. Here, not only do we have the land itself but also a striking red barn house! The Reba Plumley Farm is located in a rural, agricultural area of Raleigh County, WV, approximately 11 miles east of Beckley at 898 County Route 27, Shady Spring, WV. This beautiful big red farm house comes with lofty interior space to store equipment and such. Not to mention the land itself is massive targeting all those serious farming lovers out there. The property contains approximately 125.5 acres and is improved with 5 barns, 3 sheds and 1 canopy of approximately 7,914 +/- gross square feet. With a hot and sunny summer approaching, we suggest you be the 5th to bid and win the The Reba Plumley Farm! The current bid is at 335,000 USD and the bid deposit required is 5,000 USD. The time remaining for this online auction is 13 days with a closing date of May 11th 2016 at 1:00pm CT. To bid on the Reba Plumley Farm  , click here to head over to www.governmentauctions.org and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial!

Farming equipment auctions going on now!

This never used Toro Workman 200 gallon sprayer has been stored outdoors for two years and is still in great condition. The tank is made out of a low profile polyethylene, and filled to capacity can hold 200 gallons at 220 psi (1,500 kpa). Equipped with a foldable spray boom can be fully extended to 18.5 feet provides for a wide spray of herbicide, fungicide, and pesticide or fertilizer application. The unique, thought out design is made to keep you outside and not in the shop fixing things. The O-ring seals on the pumps are designed to be leak free and able to be disconnected without the use of tools, the dual diaphragm pump keeps you from damaging anything if you accidentally run it dry and the end pieces of the boom that extend beyond the width of the cab are designed to flex away from any obstacles so if you hit a tree, neither the tree nor your pump get ruined. The auction is based out of Fort Worth, TX with a current bid of $500 with just 5 bidders and an end date of December 9 at 11;33 Central Time (CT). For more information on this auction, click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org and sign up for your FREE 3 day trial.

FORD F1700 TRACTOR: This Antique Still Has Plenty of Life Left In Her!

Ford F1700 tractorNext up on the auction block is something for all your farmers or handymen out there. The auction is for an antique Ford F1700 tractor that is till in fully functioning condition. If you’ve got work to be done, then you can have this tractor do all of your bidding. It sports a 2 cylinder diesel engine (SN: U701716) and has approximately 669.7 hours of use on it. Although the tractor looks to be in great condition both inside and out, it does need a tuneup and a new battery; but other than that there are no stated defects. All bidders are encourage to preview this item in person prior to bidding on it, and the winning bidder will be solely responsible for the tractor’s removal. The current asking price for it is only $1,235 with 5 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 4 days, 1 hour, and 39 minutes so hurry up and click here right now to find out more about it!

1995 John Deere Tractor: Get With It!

1995 John Deere TractorThis 1995 John Deere Tractor can be yours soon at this current online auction! John Deere is a name that you can trust when it comes to agricultural supplies and it is a household name that has been around for generations! This tractor looks to be in pretty excellent shape and would be a great addition to your farm or large plot of land. Tractors are extremely useful pieces of equipment and would be your best bet if you have decided to live off the land and till your own soil. This item is located in Kentucky and can be yours extremely soon. The auction for this item is taking place now and you would probably be able to get a very good deal if you were wise about your bidding strategy! The current bid on this tractor is only $5,525 with the auction ending very soon! You can find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial now!

1996 John Deere Tractor: Pulling Its Weight!

John Deere 755This 1996 John Deere Tractor would be a sweet item for you to grab up at this current online auction. If you just purchased some farm country and don’t know where you get started; rest assured knowing this John Deere can help you out in the short run and the long run. This machine is built to last for a very long time and would be a machine well suited to providing you with farming assistance like you have never experienced. John Deere is a household name that has been around for generations. Once these tractors hit the land and are taken care of well, there is no telling how long they will last. It would be a great addition to that nice plot of land you got for growing! The current bid on this tractor is only $6,010 with the auction ending in a couple of days. You can click here for more information!

Farmtrac Tractor: Hay, now.

Farmtrac TractorIf you just bought a farm but not THE farm then you should check out this current online auction for a Farmtrac Tractor. This tractor would be the best thing you could buy for your up and coming farm. It is probably one of the first pieces of equipment that you should get because of it’s sheer versatility on the field. You can attach numerous handy tools to a tractor and till the land, move earth, get from one place to another, or just chill on out and observe your hard days work. This tractor is now in Georgia and can be picked up and moved wherever you want. Just don’t drive it on the highway after you win because you might get pulled over! The current bid on this industrial vehicle is only $4,525 with the auction ending March 2. If you want more information on this tractor and many more great tools of the land then you should activate your trial now.

Used John Deere Tractors: Find Yours Here

johndeereJohn Deere Tractors are a staple of the American heartland. They are essential in any agricultural pursuit and are an institution that has been around for generations. If you are looking to start your own farm, or already own a farm and need to maintain it, then you should check out this current online auction for a Used John Deere Tractor. This tractor looks like it is in pretty good shape and can come in handy when it is time to harvest or tend to the crops. You could even use this machine on that giant lawn you have. It is located in Kentucky and can be yours soon. Find out all about this item and many more by activating your free trial now.

1996 John Deere Tractor: Moving On Up!

johnDeereDozerIf you do lots of work outside and need that extra bit of help  then you should invest in this 1996 John Deere Tractor that is currently up for an online auction. John Deere makes a great product and they are synonymous with farm equipment. This tractor has a dozer in the front and comes in that signature John Deere green color. This item is located in South Dakota and can you can pick it up as soon as you win the auction. Just imagine driving this machine down the road and to its new home. The current bid on this tractor is only $25,885 with the auction ending November 10. Find out much more about this item and others by clicking here.