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Apple iPad Smart Cover: Be a Smart User

ipad coverIf you’ve already got an iPad but no protection in case you drop it, then you’re going to want to pay close attention to this next auction deal. Going up for live auction in just over 2 weeks is this Apple iPad Smart Cover in light gray.With it’s thin, minimalist design, this slim yet sturdy cover thoroughly protects your iPad and screen without weighing you down. It uses a magnetic connection, which is basically an aluminum hinge that aligns the cover and helps it stay in position. This smart cover also doubles as a keyboard stand. Simply fold it back to tilt the iPad into a writing position. And because it is able to stand freely on its own, the smart cover is also perfect for Skype and Facetime sessions. Still not convinced? Well attend this upcoming live auction in Pompano beach, Florida and you will be. Simply click here first to find out more.

Camera And Case: This Stuff Is Straight Retro!

minoltaSome people are into the who new age digital camera equipment. Others are into the old school photography gear that gets you that vintage looking shot. If you are leaning towards the latter, then you should definitely check this auction out. Up for auction today is a Milolta camera, lens, and case. The camera condition is unknown, but still looks clean. This would make a great gift for one of your friends who is into photography, but doesn’t enjoy the new age technology. The only way to own this item is to bid on it through the online auction. This auction is ending today and the current bid is only at $46. Want all the extra info? Just click here and activate your trial account today.

Camera Case: Protect Your Most Cherished Possessions

camera casweHaving a camera and taking crisp photos can be a thing of beauty. Though you must make sure you are responsible and keep your equipment in good condition. Nobody likes a beat up camera–and it can affect the quality of your pictures. You need some protection. Up for auction is an Easy camera case. This asset looks to be in fine condition and will certainly do the job. Now you won’t have scratches and dings all over your expensive piece. If you like what you see here, and you want to make a bid, you are going to have to hit up the live auction. This auction will be located in Florida and is scheduled for December 8. Click here to activate your free trial account.

iPod Nano & Accesories: What A Great Lot Of Items

ipod nanoApple has continually brought new music listening devices to their customers every year. The iPod Nano is no exception. It combines storage with a sleek compact design. If you want a great item like this, you just need to check out this next auction. Here, we have one lot containing an iPod Nano with four accessories. Included in this lot is a wall outlet, skin, speaker cables. This could be a perfect gift for anyone who loves music. If you want a chance at owning these assets, you are going to have to check out the live auction. This auction is scheduled for November 3 at 12pm. It will be located in New Jersey. Don’t miss out on this great auction. Click here to activate your free trial account today.

Leather Briefcases: Real Swanky Gear!

four briefcasesA real businessman needs a legit briefcase. It shows the rest of the world that you are important and that you have a lot going on. This is your chance to become that businessman. Up for auction today is one lot containing four leather briefcases. These items are large and can carry a ton of items. They have nice sturdy handles, but do not have wheels. If you don’t need four, just keep one for yourself and sell the other three for a nice profit. These assets are only available through an online auction. There is under two hours to place your bid, and the current bid is only $10. That is some great value on quality items. Want more info? Just click here.