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Apple iPad Smart Cover: Be a Smart User

ipad coverIf you’ve already got an iPad but no protection in case you drop it, then you’re going to want to pay close attention to this next auction deal. Going up for live auction in just over 2 weeks is this Apple iPad Smart Cover in light gray.With it’s thin, minimalist design, this slim yet sturdy cover thoroughly protects your iPad and screen without weighing you down. It uses a magnetic connection, which is basically an aluminum hinge that aligns the cover and helps it stay in position. This smart cover also doubles as a keyboard stand. Simply fold it back to tilt the iPad into a writing position. And because it is able to stand freely on its own, the smart cover is also perfect for Skype and Facetime sessions. Still not convinced? Well attend this upcoming live auction in Pompano beach, Florida and you will be. Simply click here first to find out more.

Apple 32G iPad With Case: Explore!

32 G ipad with caseThis Apple 32G iPad With Case can be yours soon at an upcoming online auction. Apple makes a pretty excellent piece of electronics and this iPad is no different. It totally revolutionized the way people entertained themselves on the go or how they viewed using a tablet. Not only does this give a technology buff’s heart a flutter but it is so user friendly that anyone can use it and get the most enjoyment out of it whenever they are running around town. You can use this for fun, work, both, entertainment, and much more. This is a great revolutionary piece of tech that can pretty much put a whole studio in  the palm of your hand. It is small, lightweight, can hold up to 32G of information, and since it already has a case of its own you are more than half way there. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by activating your free trial right now.