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Sony Vaio Laptop: Get On It!

sony vaioDoes your computer overheat when you watch YouTube click for more that 30 seconds? Does you laptop run slower that a sloth in the winter. Well if so, then you need to step your life up and check out this item. Up for auction today is a Sony Vaio laptop. This item looks to be in super condition and could be a great gift for your teen who is getting ready to head off to college. If you think this is the item for you, then you should check out the live auction. It is located in Miami, Florida and is scheduled for December 8. If you want all the extra info on this item, just click here to activate your free trial account today.

Sony Vaio Laptop Model Z124GX/B: Push It To The Limit

SonyVaioSony makes a wide variety of electronic products and are often the go to company when it comes to high end consumer goods. You can put that reputation to good use when you finally get up off that couch and check out this Sony Vaio Laptop Model Z124GX/B that will be part of a live auction coming up soon. There will be many items featured in this live auction and this laptop is definitely one of them. It looks like it comes new in box. You can do tons of stuff with this item like homework, office work, surfing the net, listening to tunes, write some fan fiction, and much more. You could probably get this item at a reduced price as well. Click here for more information.

Gateway Laptop: Your Gateway To The World

GatewayLaptopNeed a new computer? Well, you have found the right place! Check out this Gateway Laptop that will be up for a live auction very soon. This machine comes new in box and would definitely help you out with what ever work you have to do. You can use it for schoolwork, homework, office work, surfing the net, and a ton more. Gateway has been a good provider of user friendly devices for years. You can do anything you’d like with this computer. With this live auction you could probably score this piece of machinery at a veritable steal. Don’t waste any time doing anything else but checking out some of these rocking deals right here.

Acer Laptop: Time For You To Get On That InterWeb!

acerIf you don’t have a computer in this day and age, you are behind the times. We know that sometimes computers can be very expensive–we have the perfect solution to this problem. Up for auction is a an Acer Aspire laptop computer. This item is model# 5732Z-4598. This 15-inch laptop comes loaded with 4 GB DDR2 Memory, 250GB hard drive, and an 8x DVD-super multi double-layer drive. It also comes in its original packaging. You could come away with a sweet computer for a crazy low deal. This item is only available through a live auction. The auction is scheduled for November 3 at noon. This auction is on the East Coast…so mark your calenders. Want more info? Just click here for all the details.

Logitech Computer Speakers Model Z2300: Get Your Groove On!

LogitechSpeakersSo, you got yourself a new computer huh? Well, congratulations! Now all you need are some bangin’ speakers to go with that new piece of  technology. You should come on down to the state of California and check out this live auction for a set of Logitech Computer Speakers Model Z2300. They could easily hook up to your computer and give you the great sound you want. Logitech has been in business a long time and they certainly do deliver a quality product. You can get your hands on this item right now if you attend the auction. You get two side speakers and one subwoofer to kick out those bass filled jams. For more information you can activate your free trial and start bidding on items right away.

Dell Computers and Monitors: Bulk Up Today

Dell and HP ComputersHere is an awesome deal for any business in it’s beta stage. This auction block could potentially transform your small-time business into an industry legend. This auction contains 76 Dell and HP computer units and 55 Dell and HP monitors. This superb deal has money-maker written all over it. Even if your not looking to use these for personal or business use, these assets can be resold for a very nice profit. The units in this lot range from Dell GX260, GX270, and GX280 to an HP DC7600. This combination of computers and monitors comes from an online auction. This lot will be followed by many…so make sure you know exactly where and when these assets will be sold. The current bid is at $1,800 and will end on August 20. Want more details? Head over to www.governmentauctions.org and activate your trial today.

2 Scanshell 800N Card Scanners: Identity Confirmed

Card ScannersWhen you run a building you have to make sure that everyone coming in and out is who they say they are. If you have a system in place that lets you scan IDs as  they come in you have just increased your security cumulatively. If you are looking for some devices like that then you should check out this current online auction for 2 Scanshell 800N Card Scanners. These scanners could easily be hooked into your companies mainframe system and scan incoming IDs as they appear by security. You could probably even hook these devices up to doors for limited access to your more top secret locations. This auction will end soon so find out more here.

10 Dell 17 Inch Flat Monitors Model 1707FPC: Infinite Dreams!

DellMonitorsTired of not being able to see what’s on your computer? Well, have we got the solution for you! You can take a look at this current online auction for 10 Dell 17 Inch Flat Monitors Model 1707FPC and walk away a happy camper that can now see the internet instead of visualizing it while hitting the keyboard staring at nothing. You better pick these monitors up before you get fired. They are located in Colorado and can probably be shipped to you with no problem. These would be perfect if you ran a computer store and needed some extra merchandise. The current bid is $261 with the auction ending on June 14. Find out more by clicking here.

Panasonic CF 72 Toughbook: Nuts

Panasonic CF72 ToughbookPanasonic makes a pretty durable item like this Panasonic CF 72 Toughbook that is currently up for online auction! This auction will be the doorway to the tough computer you need. The thing that separates this item from other laptops is the fact that you can toss this badboy around, drop it, swinging, topple it, step on it, smash it, and it would keep coming back for more. The tough book was designed to endure whatever you can throw at it and when the stuff hits the fan you would be glad you got this item! You can also probably save yourself a pretty penny with this auction and walk away with a durable computer that you can take to your work sites with you. It was designed for use on construction sites or any place that has the possibility of getting out of control. You can find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by clicking here.

48 Dell Computers: Prime For The Taking

DellComputersNow your dream of building that super computer can finally come true. If you haven’t heard then you should take a look at this current online auction for a 48 Dell Computers. This lot of computers do not come with monitors. These are just the towers. The models included are G3855 and GX280. The beauty of these computers is that they are easy to upgrade and you could have a high functioning lot of computers in no time. The current bid on this lot of items is only $125 with the auction ending on June 11. You can find out more about this lot by activating your free trial account.