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Lot of Metal Bookshelves: Building Your Library From the Ground Up

metalshelvesNext up on the auction block, is this giant lot consisting of nothing but metal bookshelves. If you’re looking to build up a library and need a place to store you books, then this is definitely an auction worth checking out. The lot consists of 53 metal shelves in total, all of while measure 84″ high x 36″ wide. The shelves appear to be in good condition, but some parts may be missing and may require repairs. An inspection of this auction is highly recommended. Also, all potential bidder should keep in mind that these shelves are bolted to the floor, so they’d need to be unbolted and disassembled upon winning the auction. The current price for this bulk sale is just $309 with 3 online bids already made. This auction ends in precisely 1 day, 22 hours, and 56 minutes so be sure to click here right now in order to learn all about it!


Electronic Whiteboards: Take Learning To The Next Level!

whiteboardCheck out this next auction deal for not one, but two electronic whiteboards that are now available for online bid via a popular surplus website. These whiteboards were previous used for presentation purposes but have been very well maintained and are fully functioning without and known defects. Electronic chalkboards are great for two reason. The first reason is that all of your notes can be scanned or printed out directly from the board itself. The second reason is that notes can be saved via USB or flash drive for later viewing, making it really great as a learning tool. An inspection of these boards is strongly encouraged so if you’d like to find out about them, all you have to do is click here to begin your free trial. Better hurry though, the current bid for them is just $25 and the auction ends in 1 day, 20 hours, and 32 minutes!


Nabi 2 7″ 8GB Kids Tablet: Big Fun For Little Kids

nabiNext up on the auction block is this Nabi 2 tablet. The Nabi 2 is the first full-featured tablet made specifically for kids. It comes preloaded with tons of apps for children, including 25 free games, 50 free songs, 30 free books, and a whole lot more. The Nabi 2 also features state-standardized, core curriculum in math, science, social studies and English for Kindergarten thru 5th grade. It’s powered by a NVIDIA Tegra 3 Processor and runs on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The Nabi 2 is hands down the fastest, most powerful seven-inch tablet with unprecedented stability, power and is especially made for kids. The Nabi also has a password-protected parent mode, giving parents complete control over the tablet. You can even create different profiles for up to 10 children! This amazing little tablet will be going up for live auction early next month so be sure to activate your free 3 day trial account now to find out more about it!

Kindle Touch 3G: The Ultimate E-Reader

When it comes to e-readers, they certainly are kindlea commodity hot right now. And for good reason; they allow you to download and read thousands of books from virtually anywhere in the world. Going up for auction on May 22nd, is this Kindle Touch 3G. The great thing about this e-reader is that it has free 3G wireless, which basically means that there’s no need for hunting or paying for Wi-Fi hotspots and no annual contracts or monthly fees to deal with. The 3G functionality also works world-wide, which is pretty neat. This Kindle has an 8 week battery life, even with the light on and holds up to 1,100 books essentially letting you take your entire library wherever you go. And if you have an Amazon Prime account, you can actually choose from more than 270,000 books to borrow for free with no due dates. To find out more about the upcoming live auction for this Kindle 3G, we recommend you click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial.

Jenway Flame Photometer, Model PFP7: A Must Own For Your Labratory

jenwayCalling all science nerds and geeks — this next auction is for you. Going up for live auction on May 22nd in Dayton, New Jersey is this Jenway Flame Photometer, model PFP7. For those of you who don’t know what this machine does, a flame photometer is a device used in inorganic chemical analysis to determine the concentration of certain metal ions such as sodium, potassium, lithium, and calcium. The Jenway PFP7 is a device that does just that and its flame failure safety system makes it ideal for use in industrial and educational environments. The use of fine and coarse sensitivity controls allows for accurate measurements each and every time. Whether you’re purchasing this for educational reasons or for your own personal mad experiments, this is a bargain no science enthusiast should miss out on. To get the inside scoop on this and other educational items that will be going up for bid, we strongly recommend that you click here in order to activate your free 3 day GovernmentAuctions.org trial account.