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Sony PSP Go: Gaming On The Go!

pspgoPlaying videos games is one of the more fun ways to relax or entertain yourself. If you enjoy video games and the Sony brand, then you should get this Sony PSP Go that will be up for online auction this coming month. The PSP has a great library of very high quality games that are extremely entertaining as well as gorgeous looking. This white PSP go is new in box, stores 16G of data, and has a bigger screen than the older version of the PSP. You could surf the net with this machine and download games, movies, music, and much more from the Playstation store. You could also use this device to control your Playstation 3. The PSP go is great for all of your long trips, commutes, downtime, and would also make a nice gift. The holidays will be here before you know it and you definitely need to start shopping! Find out more about this item by clicking here for more information.

Nintendo DS XL: Take This Show On The Road!

dsxlHandheld gaming is extremely fun if you have a great system like this Nintendo DS XL. This machine is thinner and larger than the original DS Lite and has the same great library of games to pull from. The Nintendo DS has one of the largest and world renown game libraries of all time and it doesn’t look like it is gonna stop at all. This Nintendo DS comes new in box and is already pre loaded with 3 games so you can get started right away. That Brain Age game would help you coordinate your brain function with grat puzzles that challenge your intellect all day long! These systems normally retail for a over $100 but with this auction you could probably get it at an extremely reasonable price. The potential for savings is insane like Crazy Eddie. Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial here.

Nintendo White DSi: Handheld Fun For All Ages!

dsiNintendo is a name that warms your heart when you hear it. Remember that feeling you had when you got your hands on the first 8-bit Nintendo system? Well, you can recreate that feeling of joy when you take a look at this upcoming online auction for a Nintendo White DSi. You can play all your favorite DS games with this system and then some. This system even has a camera in place so you can interact with the environment. This system looks like it comes new in box and would definitely be a boon to your recreation. You won’t be sorry! Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by clicking here.

Blue Nintendo DSI: All For You

LightBlueNintendoVideo games are great. Now, you can take them on the go with one of the most popular hand held entertainment systems ever created; the Nintendo DSi. This blue handheld gaming system is up for grabs at a live auction next month among other items. You could pick this item up at a very nice price and be well on your way to gaming glory. Keep in mind that the Nintendo DSi has one of the largest video game libraries in the history of gaming. You would be hard pressed to find something that does not suit you. Plus, you would enjoy hours of fun on that long commute or just relaxing at home. Find out more by clicking here.

9 Nintendo DSi Handheld Gaming Systems: On The Move!

NintendoDSiNintendo has always made extremely family friendly video game consoles. They are not only fun but can be educational. Take the Nintendo DSi for example. It is a pretty ingenious piece of gaming technology and has a library of games for people of all ages to enjoy. You could teach a small child all about math and writing with many games or keep yourself entertained with lengthy RPGs that will keep you amused for hours. This live auction is for 9 Nintendo DSi handheld gaming systems. You could give a few of these away to the children in your family or even to grandma and grandpa. This auction will take place in New Jersey at the beginning of next month. Find out more here.