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Moen Banbury Faucet: Turn Your Bathroom Into Your Favorite Room In the House

banburyLooking for a way to beautify your bathroom? Well this next seized auction for a Moen Banbury Faucet can help you do that. It will be available for online bid on October 2nd, 2013 in Dayton, new jersey. The Banbury is a timeless looking faucet that’s versatile and sets a tone that’s classical and sensible. This particular faucet comes in a spot resistant brushed nickel finish, a two handle lever for easy water adjustment, connects quickly and easily with fewer tools, and meets both the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) and EPA WaterSense criteria. This basically allows water to be conserved without compromising performance. The Banbury also has a limited lifetime warranty in case you run into any future issues with it. This faucet is brand new and comes in its original packaging, so if you’d like to learn more about it, then all you have to do is click here to begin your 3 day trial membership!

Kwikset, Model 911TNL Featuring SmartKey SmartCode Entry: The Future of Home Security

kwiksetWant to add an extra level of security and style to your home? Well then you need this Kwikset Lock featuring SmartCode electronic touchpad entry. This lock was designed with a sleek style and comes in a satin nickel finish. It will easily help complement your home’s interior. It’s also perfect for locking up your home office, wine cellar, or storage room. The best part is that you never need to worry about carrying keys. It also features SmartKey re-key technology as the backup keyway. One really neat feature of this device is that if you forget to lock your door, the Kwikset 911TNL will automatically lock after 30 seconds, giving you some peace of mind. The item will be going up for live bid early next month in Dayton, NJ. If you’d like to find out more about it, then all you have to do is click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial account.

Lot of Faucets: If You Install It…It Will Run

faucetNext up is another bulk auction consisting of one lot of premium quality faucets for kitchens and bathrooms. This auction will also be taking place in Pompano Beach, Florida on August 28th 2013. If you’re planning on or in the process of renovating your home, then this is definitely an auction worth taking a look at. The lot consists of the following faucets: 1 Delta Liden faucet, 2 Moen faucets (different models), 1 BK washerless faucet, and 2 American Standard urinal flush valves. Normally, each of these faucets retail for a nice chunk of change, but if you attend this upcoming auction, except to pay a fraction of their normal price. These faucets are all stated to be brand new and have never been used. To find out more about this amazing faucet deal, all you have to do is click here so that you can activate your 3 day free trial.

Delta Porter Faucet, Model 35984LF-OB: Elegant and Stylish

deltaIf you’re looking for a new faucet to remodel your bathroom with, then you should definitely check out this auction for a Delta Porter Faucet, model 35984LF-OB.  This elegant looking faucet features a 3.5 inch spout and a high arc design that provides large clearance. Getting ready in the morning will be a pleasure if you have this faucet in your bathroom. The faucet has elegant metal lever handles for ease of operation and is also ADA compliant when installed properly and is also lead free compliant. Another cool feature this faucet has is an integrated water efficient aerator that provides a smart water delivery solution that maximizes water savings without sacrificing comfort. To find out more about this faucet that’s going up for live bid at next month’s seized property auction located in Riverside, California, be sure to click here to activate your 3 day free trial.

Dewalt Battery Powered Drill: Easy Does It

Dewalt DrillIf you are looking for a good time then you should check out this Dewalt Battery Powered Drill. This drill comes with case, battery, and battery charger. If you want to get some work done around the house then you should definitely invest in this drill because you never know when it would come in handy. There are many things in your house that could easily be fixed my implementing a drill to do your work for you. It would take the bite out of screwing and unscrewing things by hand, which could really take a toll on your wrists and palms. It would be as easy as pointing and shooting because that is what a drill basically is. It’s a gun that you have to get really close to use that creates holes or helps you securely fasten one thing to another. Find out more about this drill and about other items by logging in here.