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73 Extreme Cold Weather Parkas: Mean And Extreme!

ExtremeParkasWinter is right around the corner if you live in the United States. When you plan on taking that trip up north you may want to pack yourself this lot of 73 Extreme Cold Weather Parkas that are currently up for online auction.  These parkas are designed to withstand extreme cold without deteriorating. They would be good added protection to your already sturdy gear. Plus, they are easy to use and carry. If you are planning that expedition to Everest these may indeed come in handy. The current bid on this lot of items is only $205 with the auction ending in a couple days. Find out more about this item and plenty more by logging in here.

Size 13 Timberland Boots: Rough Like Timberland Wear!

TimberlandBootsThe game of chess is like a sword fight. You must think before you move. If you are walking into a jungle be it urban or literal then you may need to think about what goes on your feet. If you need a new pair of boots then you should check out this upcoming live auction for a pair of Size 13 Timberland boots. These boots can get you wherever you want to go and in style too. If you want to be a sire, and set the mic on fire then this may be the product for you. This live auction will take place at the beginning of next month and you may also have a chance to snag some other cool items. Click here to find out more.