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2002 Beneteau Oceans 505 Sailboat: Even Jacques Cousteau Had a Beneteau!

benetOK well not really; he didn’t actually own a Beneteau, but if we was looking for an awesome sailboat with a ton of cool features then he probably would have! Anyway, this 2002 Beneteau Oceans 505 Sailboat is now currently up for online auction and is awaiting your online bid! Known as “Elegance” this sailboat measures an impressive 50 feet long, has a 15 foot beam, and is in overall fair condition. Issues with the sailboat include some new interior upholstery, engine repair, and a refrigeration system that is currently offline. The hull is in fair shape but may need repairs, which is why a thorough inspection of the sailboat is strongly encouraged. The winning bidder will also be responsible for the boat’s removal. The current asking price for it is $59,850 with 3 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in precisely 7 days, 1 hour, and 33 minutes so hurry up and activate your 3 day free trial now to find out all about it!



1974 TA Chiao Sailboat: Sail Away Today!

sailbootNext up for auction isn’t something you see everyday. Going up for live bid on June 27th, 2014 at 11:00 am in a local harbor in Pillar Moon Bay, CA is this lovely 1974 TA Chiao Sailboat (CF #: CF8398FK; Hull Number: CLXTR0120874). This wooden sailboat measures 32 feet long and appears to be in very good condition both inside and out. It has no stated defects, however a thorough inspection of it is strongly advised. The vessel comes with everything you’ll need to hit the open waters right away! The current asking price for it is just $10,800 so if you’re interested in attending this auction, then simply click here now to find out all about it. All potential bidders should also keep in mind that they will be solely responsible for the sail boat’s removal. Good luck and happy bidding!


1987 42′ Irwin Sail Boat: Come Sail Away!

sailboatyoOk it’s time to get that Enya song out of your head and check out this upcoming live auction for a 1987 42′ Irwin Sail Boat that will be available for bid on January 30th, 2014 in Tampa, Florida. This sailboat, also know as The Windfall, (US Coast Guard No. 923805; Hull Number XYM43160H798) is the perfect vessel if you’ve been searching for a boat for those weekend getaways. It appears to be in fantastic condition, with no stated defects. The minimum asking bid for this vessel is $46,500 and mail-in bids will be accepted. If you’d like to learn more about this boat and how to attend this upcoming live IRS seized property auction, then all you have to do is click here to being your 3 day free trial account! We should probably mention that there will also be other boats available via live auction, so make sure you don’t miss out.

1979 Cape Dory 36′ Boat: Sail Away

boatLooking for a vessel to sail the open waters and high seas? Well you’re in luck, because going up for auction tomorrow is this 1979 Cape Dory 36 foot boat (Hull ID# CPDT0016M79H). The Cape Dory 36 is a blue water cruising yacht that sports a full keel and attached rudder and really is the perfect boat to go along with your vacation home. It sports an inboard 50 hp Perking Diesel engine 4-108. It’s got a fiberglass hull and is in overall good condition. We don’t know a whole lot about boats but for $3,000 as an opening bid, this seems like a really great deal. Just don’t pull “A Perfect Storm” with this boat or anything, we remember that movie not ending very well. To find out more about this upcoming live auction taking place in Fall River, MA, be sure to register now for your 3 day free trial. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

1985 Robalo Boat: Not Sea-Ready…But Could Be in No Time

Robalo BoatHave you always wished you could just get away whenever you wanted on a small vessel? Do you envy those people who look extremely relaxed every weekend when they are lounging on their boat? If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. This next auction is for a 1985 Robalo Boat. This boat is not ready just yet to be set for sail. There are mechanical problems in which you would need to fix up to get this baby running again. The upside is, if you like to get your hands dirty and remodel sea vessels, this is the right auction to bid on. This boat can be bid on at an online auction that ends today. The current is at $1,085. If you would like more information on this boat, click here and activate your free trial today.