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2001 JOHN DEERE TRAILGATOR ATV: Let the Good Times Roll!

trailgatorOur first deal of the day is for this 2001 John Deere Trailgator All Terrain Vehicle (PN: 590083). This ATV is perfect for going up treacherous terrain with. It’s in pretty fair condition but does have a bit of damage that needs to be repaired in order to be operational again. Damage includes a leaky carburetor abd a broken drive chain. With a little know-how though, this thing could be up and running in no time. The current asking price for this ATV is just $1,315 with 9 bids already placed. We strongly suggest you come in and preview this item in person before deciding to bid on it. This auction will be ending in less than 24 hours so hurry up and click here now to activate your 3 day free trial account.


1973 Cushman 89800 ATV: When Something Out of the Past Looks Like It’s From the Future

cushmanWe see a lot of weird stuff, but this next online auction is definitely up there. The auction is for a 1973 Cushman 89800 All terrain tracked vehicle. This ATV clearly not only looks a bit odd, but it’s also something that easily could have been in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It has a gas powered engine, tracked drive, a temp choke primer transmission, and its tracks are still attached to the vehicle. It’s stated that the vehicle is not operable and needs repairs, but with a little bit of work can be up and running again. Imagine rolling into town with one of these babies — you’d be the talk of the town! The winning bidder will receive the key for this ATV and will be responsible for its removal. The current price for the item is $1,011 with 7 bids already placed. This auction ends in a little less than 3 days so be sure to click here to start your 3 day free trial.