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2001 JOHN DEERE TRAILGATOR ATV: Let the Good Times Roll!

trailgatorOur first deal of the day is for this 2001 John Deere Trailgator All Terrain Vehicle (PN: 590083). This ATV is perfect for going up treacherous terrain with. It’s in pretty fair condition but does have a bit of damage that needs to be repaired in order to be operational again. Damage includes a leaky carburetor abd a broken drive chain. With a little know-how though, this thing could be up and running in no time. The current asking price for this ATV is just $1,315 with 9 bids already placed. We strongly suggest you come in and preview this item in person before deciding to bid on it. This auction will be ending in less than 24 hours so hurry up and click here now to activate your 3 day free trial account.


2007 Polaris Ranger ATV: Take the Ride of Your Life

polarisNext up on the auction block is this 2007 Polaris Ranger All Terrain Vehicle. If you’re desperately in need of an ATV that can handle any type of terrain or weather, then this is definitely a online surplus auction worth checking out. This Polaris has four wheel drive, a 2 cylinder 500 EFI engine, automatic transmission, is gas powered, and has just 10 miles on it! Aesthetically it appears to be in great condition, and it doesn’t have any stated defects; although some repairs may be required. The hours of usage on it are unknown and it is strongly recommended that potential bidders come in for a preview before purchasing. The current price for it is just $5,000 with 9 bids already placed. This auction ends in less than 24 hours so click here right now to learn more about this online ATV auction!


2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 ATV: Get Riding!

rhinoThe first auction deal of the day that we’d like to tell you about is for this very sexy 2006 Yamaha Rhino 660 ATV. It will be going up for live bid on October 23rd, 2013 and will be available for live preview on the 21st in Caguas, Puerto Rico. This all terrain has an automatic 4 stroke single, is liquid/oil-cooled, has a 5 valve SOHC engine, all wheel drive, seats two people, and has a 400 pound capacity. The beauty of this ATV is that it can literally get you and your gear practically anywhere worth going. The only stated defect that makes this vehicle currently inoperable is a bent left suspension belt. With a little work and a good wash, this baby will be good as new again! If you’d like to learn more about this seized property deal and how to go about bidding on it, then simply click here to begin our 3 day free trial account.

120 ATVs: Get Your Fill Of Off-Road Fun!

pinkatvIf you like off-roading or want to start your own off-roading tour business, then you should check out this upcoming live auction for a lot of 120 Different ATVs. These all terrain vehicles would be a great asset to you while you want to have some fun on those dirt roads. These ATVs are unassembled and are easy to put together. They all have different bodies, makes, and models. These machines would be fun for you and your family. You can take these out to the mountains, forests, beaches, streets, and more. When they say “ALL” Terrain Vehicle, they really mean it. However, that doesn’t mean they can take you across a river. Maybe a shallow one, but not something 10 feet deep. Your new ATV would sink. Since these items are in bulk, you would probably be able to get a nice deal on them that is close to wholesale price. Find out more about them by activating your free trial here.