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Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Edition 32GB Black Console: You’ve Come a Long Way Nintendo

nintendo wiiuContinuing our theme of video games and consoles, next up we have a Nintendo Wii U deluxe edition console that will also be going up for live auction on August 14th in Dayton, New Jersey. The Wii U is the newest gaming console to come out from Nintendo and it completely redefines how you will games. With its innovative gamepad controller, you will not only be introduced to entirely new ways to play games, but it will also transform how you connect to friends and play games online. This deluxe edition includes 32GB of internal memory, comes with Nintendoland, a black console, black gamepad, AC adapter for console and gamepad, high Speed HDMITM cable, gamepad cradle, and console stand. If you’re looking for countless hours of fun with your family or even by yourself, then you really need this Nintendo Wii U console in your life. Hurry now and activate your trial account in order to find out more about this awesome deal!

Nintendo Wii Shootout: This Live Auction Is The Bullseye!

ninwiiYou can have a classic Nintendo Wii Shootout with many of the games that are sold under the Nintendo moniker. If you are looking for your own Nintendo Wii console, you should check out this upcoming live auction for a practically new Nintendo Wii unit. This game system could equal tons of fun for you and the whole family. Now, when you start playing the Wii, you may get so addicted to it that you may just skip work in order to play all t he fun games. Plus, this system lets you download content, play others online, and even allows you to stream Netflix. You could find hours upon hours on entertainment with this device and with the Wii’s wireless technology, you could even get yourself a workout. This item is located in New Jersey and will be up for grabs next month. You can find out about this item and many others that will be available soon by clicking here.