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Nintendo Wii Shootout: This Live Auction Is The Bullseye!

ninwiiYou can have a classic Nintendo Wii Shootout with many of the games that are sold under the Nintendo moniker. If you are looking for your own Nintendo Wii console, you should check out this upcoming live auction for a practically new Nintendo Wii unit. This game system could equal tons of fun for you and the whole family. Now, when you start playing the Wii, you may get so addicted to it that you may just skip work in order to play all t he fun games. Plus, this system lets you download content, play others online, and even allows you to stream Netflix. You could find hours upon hours on entertainment with this device and with the Wii’s wireless technology, you could even get yourself a workout. This item is located in New Jersey and will be up for grabs next month. You can find out about this item and many others that will be available soon by clicking here.

Sony PS3: The Great Equalizer

PS3UsedSony makes a lot of different products and if you like video games, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Sony PS3 Gaming Console. This console can be hooked up to your HDTV or your regular TV and you could enjoy hours of gaming and much more. If you connected to the Internet, you could download movies, music, games, browse the web, chat with your friends, and much more. Don’t forget about the Blu-Ray player either! Even if you don’t game that much, you can still enjoy super crisp high def movies! Plus, you could probably get a good deal on this system. Find out more by activating your free trial account here.

Xbox: The Original Gangster

originalxboxThe XBox was the originator of high end gaming as well as communal online play with an easy interface. When you hooked into your Xbox live for the first time with your headset and threw in your ethernet cable, you knew you were on the next level of gaming. For any video game fan who has since lost or given away their original system, they should check out this upcoming live auction for an Original XBox from Microsoft. This black system brought us such great games as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Fable, and Halo. You can be a part of gaming history with this system. This would be a great gift or item to take on vacation! Find out more here.

Sony PS3 Slim With Netflix: Your Answer To Home Entertainment!

ps3slimnetflixSONY makes many products. You can’t go to a Best Buy or PC Richard without seeing Sony items everywhere. They also happen to make one of the greatest video game consoles of all time; the Sony Playstation 3. If you want to get your hand on one you should come on down to Florida and check out this upcoming live auction for a Sony PS3 Slim with Netflix. This console is slimmer that the original PS3 but packs a mean punch, especially with its built in wireless adapter that will let you hook up to the internet without clumsy wires. You can enhoy games, movies, music, and more with this great system. Find out more about this item and many others here.

Sony 120G Playstation 3 Slim: Snap Into It

SlimPS3Come early January you have your chance to nab this Sony 120G Playstation 3 Slim that will be part of a large live auction taking place in California. This machine comes with controller, wires, and manuals. If you want more than a game system then this would be your best bet for a very well rounded home theater experience. You can not only play HD games, but you can also play blu ray movies, download content, explore the internet, watch downloaded movies, pictures, and more. Sony always hits the nail on the head and they definitely got it right with this fantastic gaming machine. Find out all about this item and many more by activating your free trial here.

Sony PSP Handheld Gaming System: The Future Is Now

Sony PSPWe have said it before and we will say it again; playing video games is pretty awesome. If you need to get your game on the go then check out this live auction for a Sony PSP Handheld Gaming System. This gaming system will not only let you play games but it will also let you connect to the internet, skype, watch movies, listen to music, remotely control your PS3, stream content, and much more. This system has a nice and large screen suitable to do all that good stuff. It is also a great device to have if you have a morning commute. Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free  trial account here.

Microsoft X-Box 360 With Controllers: BOOYAA!!

XboX360Playing video games is awesome. We think that’s something we can all agree on. If you are in the mood for some serious gaming then we suggest you check out this upcoming live auction in California that will feature this Microsoft X-Box 360 complete with cables and 4 controllers. You have a huge library of games to choose from once you hook this system up to your TV. You can enjoy games in High Definition as well as play movies, stream content, download media, and much more. This system normally retails for over $200 but with this auction you could probably get a very good deal. If you would like more information then you should check out this free trial.