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1985 Robalo Boat: Not Sea-Ready…But Could Be in No Time

Robalo BoatHave you always wished you could just get away whenever you wanted on a small vessel? Do you envy those people who look extremely relaxed every weekend when they are lounging on their boat? If this sounds like you, then you have come to the right place. This next auction is for a 1985 Robalo Boat. This boat is not ready just yet to be set for sail. There are mechanical problems in which you would need to fix up to get this baby running again. The upside is, if you like to get your hands dirty and remodel sea vessels, this is the right auction to bid on. This boat can be bid on at an online auction that ends today. The current is at $1,085. If you would like more information on this boat, click here and activate your free trial today.

22 Foot Cape Craft Center Console Vessel: You Motorboatin’…

CapeCraftBoating can be fun and educational especially if you have your own boat and some time on your hands. You could learn all about the mysteries of the deep like that guy on TV. On August 10 there will be an auction for a 22 Foot Cape Craft Center Console Vessel that includes its very own Mercury outboard motor. You can take this vessel on the seas, the lake, the ocean, the harbor, or anywhere there is water and we ain’t talking about yo bathtub! This machine is made of fiberglass and would have to picked up from the auction site. You can find out all about this boat and many other government auctions by activating your free trial account.

1980 Baja Force 28 Foot Boat: The Seas Are Yours!

BajaForceVesselBuying a boat is the dream of many Americans. For some reason we all dream of taking to the seas and exploring the shimmering blue ocean. After all, most of our planet is made of water so why not enjoy it? You can live the dream by checking out this 1980 Baja Force 28 Foot Boat that is up for grabs at an online auction. This boat is located in Michigan and would probably have to be picked up so you can either drive it back or put it on a trailer. The current bid on this trailer is only $9,000 with the auction ending next week. You can find out more about this item and many other government auctions by logging into your free trial account.

1997 Pro Team Tracker Bass Boat: Take Me To The River

Bass Tracker Pro Team BoatThis 1997 Pro Team Tracker Bass Boat can be yours right now and with this online auction you can probably save yourself a pretty penny. If you love fishing and being out on the water, then this boat would be a great item to get a hold of. It seems like it is in pretty good shape and could probably insure you some great days or fishing, boat riding, and relaxing. You could do a lot with this boat and it would be a fun item to take on the water with your friends and family. Boats are a great way to enjoy the open water during those hot summer months. Sometimes you need to heat up to cool down and this boat is hot! It would be your mini party ride and with this boat you will be the master of both water and land! Find out more about this item and about many other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now.