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Innovation Sports 2000 GEM Electric Golf Cart: This Ain’t Your Grandpappy’s Golf Cart!

golfcartLooking for something that will give you countless hours of enjoyment? Well how about investing in an electric golf cart?! Now currently up for online auction with less than 24 hours left to bid is this Innovation Sports 2000 GEM Electric Golf Cart! This 2 passenger utility vehicle doesn’t look like your ordinary golf cart, plus it features a hard side weather enclosure as well as a short bed in the back for transporting things or even another person. As of right now, it’s in operable condition due to a missing battery but can be repairs to be right as rain again. Aesthetically the cart is in fair condition with some normal wear and tear to the interior. It’s being sold as is so we’d strongly recommend that you come in for a live preview beforehand. The current asking price for it is just $1,100 with 7 online bids already placed. Click here now to learn more about this awesome auction deal!



2011 EZ-GO GOLF CART: The Rolls Royce of Golf Carts

golfcartLooking for a golf cart that will trump all other golf carts? If you are, then this 2011 EZ-GO Golf Cart is definitely the perfect item for you. This powerful gas cart features an automatic transmission, 4 passenger seating, and an 800 pound payload capacity. Whether it’s for golfing or just for taking on a joyride, this cart is perfect made for everyday use. It also features Endura Excel tires, and ITP SS specialty rims which give this golf cart a very unique and eye-grabbing look. Now that we’ve got your attention, all you have to do is participate in this online auction deal. The current asking price for this golf cart is $4001 with 10 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 9 days, 21 hours, and 15 minutes, so hurry up and click here now in order to being your 3 day free trial account.

Textron E-Z-GO Cart, Model PC-954: It’s Like a Golf Cart On Steroids

golfcartCheck out this next government auction for a recently declared surplus Textron E-Z-Go Cart, model PC-954. This 5 passenger electric golf cart comes with a cargo-bed area with side boards and also sports a full canopy to protect you when it rains. This vehicle has a direct drive transmission with a maximum speed of 12 miles per hour and a 36 volt DC battery with on board charging system. The operating weight of this vehicle is just 1,290 lbs and it has a weight capacity of 2000 lbs. The cart appears to be in good condition but may need a battery change due to slow operation even at full battery capacity. It is strongly recommended that you thoroughly inspect this vehicle in person prior to bidding on it. The current price for it is just $1,098 with 6 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 1 day, 3 hours, and 26 minutes so hurry up and click here to begin your 3 day free trial!

10 Mobile Carts: Keep It Rockin’!

mobilecartsIf yo want to move things from one place to another and use a device that has two levels and 4 wheels, then you should check out this current online auction for 10 Mobile Carts. These carts can probably be used in any place of business and they would provide you with a means of item transportation that was previously unheard of. These carts are located in Florida and can be shipped out to you once you win the auction. You can put them to use immediately and make sure your employees each get one for the supreme office cart race of the century! Or, you could have the guy in the mail room finally have something to transport all the mail in, instead of carrying them all by hand and dropping everything everywhere. The current bid on that item is only $25 with the auction ending today. If carts are your things then you should find out more information by logging in here.

Mobile Food Carts: These Have Wheels!

food cartsMobile food carts can come in handy if you are trying to serve grub to a lot of people. This lot of tall food carts certainly does have wheels and if you have wheels then you will travel. These Food Carts are up for online auction now and are located in South Dakota and could probably be shipped to you. These food carts are perfect for any restaurant, bakery, or catering hall. If you are starting your own food preparation business then this auction would be one of the things you definitely need to get. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to save some money on an auction like this. You can probably score these carts well under retail price, and they look like they are in great shape. The current bid on this lot is only $10 with the auction ending in a few days. Find out more about this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial right here.

EZ Go Golf Cart Values: Stupendous

golfcartezEZ Go Golf Cart Values vary but you will get value out of your very own EZ Go Golf Cart that is for sale at an online government auction right now! Golf Carts are great ways to have some extra fun on the golf course as well as get around the course with your buddies. This cart looks like it is in pretty excellent shape and seems pretty road worthy. This item can last you for a few years if you take care of it. This item also has a weather cover in case you are on the links and get stuck out in the rain. You would be able to shield yourself from the elements and enjoy a frosty beverage without ever having to leave the grounds. This is a must for all golf freaks! The current bid on this item is only $1,700 with the auction ending soon. You can find out more about this item and many other government auctions by logging in to your account now.

Gem E825 Electric Cart: Not Grandpas Golf Cart

golfThis Gem E825 Electric Cart is currently up for online auction and can be yours soon. This golf cart would be great to take on the links and if you stink, don’t even both! We are kidding. Government auctions don’t care how you smell, but you can definitely get a deal on this item if you played your cards right. This electric golf cart would be the most fantastic thing on Earth if you got it and took it with you wherever you went. This golf cart is located in America and can be yours very soon. Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Everything will be OK as soon as you turn the key in this machine, revved it up and started kicking some major booty. You can get a great deal on this golf cart and on many other government auctions by activating your free trial account right now.