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golf cart 2Are you ready to move around the golf course with ease? Are you sick and tired of having to walk around the golf course going form hole to hole? Well, now is your chance to make your golfing experience a whole lot better! This 1999 EZGO electric golf cart is just what you need. It may need some repairs, but once you fix it up a little bit it will drive as good as new.  The repairs required, but not limited to are: Will not sustain charge, no batteries, parts may be missing or need fixing, and other MAJOR repairs may be required. Given the amount of repairs it needs, you may be able to acquire this golf cart at a very low price, and by the time you are done repairing it, you will still be saving a substantial amount of money than if you purchased a brand new one! This auction is located in Phoenix, Arizona and the closing time is on February 3 at 5:10pm, Central Time. Inspection is highly recommended, but you must make and appointment in advance. You will also need an appointment to remove the golf cart from its auction site. At the moment, there has been only one bidder so far and the current bid is only $100, so be sure to be the next bidder! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

Innovation Sports 2000 GEM Electric Golf Cart: This Ain’t Your Grandpappy’s Golf Cart!

golfcartLooking for something that will give you countless hours of enjoyment? Well how about investing in an electric golf cart?! Now currently up for online auction with less than 24 hours left to bid is this Innovation Sports 2000 GEM Electric Golf Cart! This 2 passenger utility vehicle doesn’t look like your ordinary golf cart, plus it features a hard side weather enclosure as well as a short bed in the back for transporting things or even another person. As of right now, it’s in operable condition due to a missing battery but can be repairs to be right as rain again. Aesthetically the cart is in fair condition with some normal wear and tear to the interior. It’s being sold as is so we’d strongly recommend that you come in for a live preview beforehand. The current asking price for it is just $1,100 with 7 online bids already placed. Click here now to learn more about this awesome auction deal!



2002 Ford Think Neighbor Electric Vehicle: Nice And Easy!

Ford Neighbor Electric CarHaving this 2002 Ford Think Neighbor Electric Vehicle can be a great way to enjoy doing errands with knowing that you will not be putting the environment in harms way. Ford makes a classic car and they also make a very environmentally conscience vehicle. This car would be a great way to get around and enjoy your life on your street. This car is located in California and can be picked up at the auction site. This car would make a great gift for someone who has a large property and can be out and about all day just traveling around the roads. You wanted a Ford? Now you got it! Just do not take this care on the highway even though it looks like it’s in great shape. The current bid on this item is only $560 with the auction ending soon. Find out more about this item and many more government auctions by activating your free trial account right now!

2005 Kubota Utility Vehicle: Snatch Your Self One

KubotaUtilityIf you know you have a lot of construction work to do then you should invest in one of these 2005 Kubota Utility Vehicles. This particular one is up for an online auction and can be found in the state of Arkansas. You can use this vehicle to transport people or equipment to different job sites.  This machine may look like  golf cart but it is built for harder work than you can imagine. It is also a perfect way to get into those tight work spaces. The current bid on this item is only $6,301 with the auction ending today. This machine looks like it has stirred up a quite a buzz already so you should act fast and activate your free trial here.