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Get A Hole In One With This Auction!

Are you someone who enjoys playing a good game of golf on their free time? Well then check this out! This auction features a set of Taylor Made golf clubs, in a Taylor Made black and white vinyl bag. There is a total of 11 pieces in this lot. New golf club sets can be pretty pricey costing upwards of hundreds and even thousands of dollars, but luckily if you bid on this auction before closing time you can have a chance at owning this golf set for a price you’ll love! This auction is located in Springfield, Virginia and the closing time will be on April 17 at 5:52 p.m central time. Physical inspection of this property is encouraged and highly recommended. We do not ship from this location you can contact a local carrier in the Springfield area. Please confirm your pick up before you come. For additional information about the proposed sale, please contact Jacqi Johnson at 703-605-9321. The bid on this golf set is currently $350 and there has been 3 bidders so far so make sure that you become the very next person to bid and have a chance at acquiring this perfect golf club set! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.









golf cart 2Are you ready to move around the golf course with ease? Are you sick and tired of having to walk around the golf course going form hole to hole? Well, now is your chance to make your golfing experience a whole lot better! This 1999 EZGO electric golf cart is just what you need. It may need some repairs, but once you fix it up a little bit it will drive as good as new.  The repairs required, but not limited to are: Will not sustain charge, no batteries, parts may be missing or need fixing, and other MAJOR repairs may be required. Given the amount of repairs it needs, you may be able to acquire this golf cart at a very low price, and by the time you are done repairing it, you will still be saving a substantial amount of money than if you purchased a brand new one! This auction is located in Phoenix, Arizona and the closing time is on February 3 at 5:10pm, Central Time. Inspection is highly recommended, but you must make and appointment in advance. You will also need an appointment to remove the golf cart from its auction site. At the moment, there has been only one bidder so far and the current bid is only $100, so be sure to be the next bidder! For any further information, simply click here to subscribe to www.governmentauctions.org for your FREE 3 day trial.

Innovation Sports 2000 GEM Electric Golf Cart: This Ain’t Your Grandpappy’s Golf Cart!

golfcartLooking for something that will give you countless hours of enjoyment? Well how about investing in an electric golf cart?! Now currently up for online auction with less than 24 hours left to bid is this Innovation Sports 2000 GEM Electric Golf Cart! This 2 passenger utility vehicle doesn’t look like your ordinary golf cart, plus it features a hard side weather enclosure as well as a short bed in the back for transporting things or even another person. As of right now, it’s in operable condition due to a missing battery but can be repairs to be right as rain again. Aesthetically the cart is in fair condition with some normal wear and tear to the interior. It’s being sold as is so we’d strongly recommend that you come in for a live preview beforehand. The current asking price for it is just $1,100 with 7 online bids already placed. Click here now to learn more about this awesome auction deal!



Autographed Tiger Woods Shoes: Be a Part of a Legendary Career

tiger woods shoesYou can make these authentic Autographed Tiger Woods Shoes your newest prize in your sports memorabilia collection very, very soon. If you’re a fan of golf, Tiger Woods, or just sports memorabilia from any athlete, then you don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity. There’s a great chance that after Woods is long retired, these shoes will be worth a heck of a lot more than they could be worth today. It’s a worthwhile investment if you’re a collector. So many golfers come and go, turn pro and retire, and we will never know when we’ll be able to see a second coming of a player of Woods’s caliber. Check out this upcoming live auction if you want to take a closer look at this item. It’s safe to say that many eyes will be on this pair of autographed shoes, so get a head start by activating your 3 day free trial account and get the info you need.

Garmin Approach G5 Waterproof Touchscreen Golf GPS: Get An Unfair Advantage

garminappIs golf your game? Well if it is, then it’s possible that this next item can help you become the next Tiger Woods. The auction is for a Garmin Approach G5 Golf GPS unit. This rugged, waterproof golf GPS unit has a 3-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen display and is preloaded U.S. course maps which include fairways, hazards, and greens. Built for golfers, the Garmin Approach G5 has been enhanced with innovative stat tracking software that records putts per round, fairways hit and greens in regulation. This neat little GPS unit measures shot distance with highly sensitive readings which essentially eliminate the need for guesswork. It also tracks club distance averages and is incredibly easy to use. This is no annual fee for using this device and new maps are always available for free download at Garmin.com.  There’s even a digital scorecard for up to four players. This item will be going up for auction next month in Florida, so to find out when and where be sure to click here to activate your 3 day free trial.

Callaway Golf Bag: FOUR! Wait…FORE?

Golf BagIf you like golfing then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a Callaway Golf Bag! This bag would help you out on the links because now you would have somewhere to put your collection of clubs. This bag is located in Florida and can be yours soon. When you bid on this bag just remember that you are making an investment in your golfing future and that future looks extremely bright if you know what we mean! Golfing can be a super relaxing sport that would take your mind off your day to day job like nothing else. This gold bag has its own stand so you could save a couple of bucks on a caddy and it also looks like it is in excellent shape. And yes, you could save your hard earned money by bidding on this bag. Find out more about this bag and many other government auction items by activating your free trial account right now!

Bags Of Golf Clubs: Be A Legend!

Bags Of ClubsGolf can be an extremely fun and relaxing game. If you want to step up your golf game and want to get some discount golf goods, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for a lot of Bags Of Golf Clubs. There are numerous bags that are filled with all kinds of clubs in this auction. They all look like they are in great shape and each clubs seems like it comes with its own cover. The bags also seem new. If you are looking to get out on the links and hit some birdies then you should definitely invest in this auction. All you need now is your own golf cart to take you from green to green and your own caddy that only answers to you. You can reenact the first Caddyshack movie! Enjoy this clubs and many other government auctions items when you simply activate your free trial account. You can check out many more items that would make your life easier!

Club Car Golf Cart: The Links Are Yours!

golfercIf you want to rock and roll on the links ta the golf course, you should check out this current online auction for a Club Car Golf Cart. This machine will no doubt bring you some much needed relaxation and fun on the golf course. You now no longer have to walk from hole to hole. You can jam on the pedal of this Golf Cart and arrive at your destination immediately! Golfing is a fun and great relaxing game. Even if you don’t know how to play all that well, you can still have a great day on the green. Once you get the hang of it, it would make going from hole to hole that much more fun because now you have this awesome golf cart! All you need now are a few other friends, some clubs, and cleats. The current bid is only $439 with the auction ending tomorrow. You can check out this item and many other government auctions by activating your free trial now.

Where Can I Purchase Used Golf Carts: Right Here!

cushmangolfYou might be asking yourself Where Can I Purchase Used Golf Carts. Well, the answer is simple! You can get this Cushman Golf Cart at this current online auction. This auction, taking place now, is for a used golf cart that can take you all over the links. This cart could be decked out with your own custom accents and would definitely give you a leg up on the cartless competition. This cart is located in Alabama, but don’t let that stop you from taking it home and onto your course. This machine would serve you well on any private or public course. You could probably get a very sweet deal on this ride and then load it up with some cold ones in order to have a fun day on the field. The current bid on this item is only $499 with the auction ending this Friday. You can find out all about this item and many other government auctions right here.

EZ Go Golf Cart Values: Stupendous

golfcartezEZ Go Golf Cart Values vary but you will get value out of your very own EZ Go Golf Cart that is for sale at an online government auction right now! Golf Carts are great ways to have some extra fun on the golf course as well as get around the course with your buddies. This cart looks like it is in pretty excellent shape and seems pretty road worthy. This item can last you for a few years if you take care of it. This item also has a weather cover in case you are on the links and get stuck out in the rain. You would be able to shield yourself from the elements and enjoy a frosty beverage without ever having to leave the grounds. This is a must for all golf freaks! The current bid on this item is only $1,700 with the auction ending soon. You can find out more about this item and many other government auctions by logging in to your account now.