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Brown Tee Shirt Packs: It’s…Tee…Shirt…Timeee!

teesThis is a surplus savings deal for the ages. You don’t see deals like this come around too often. Up for auction today is one lot containing three packs of brown tee shirts. There is approximately 473 packs in this lot. These assets are all unused and come sealed in the original packaging. If you know the right people and places, you could make a hefty profit when you resell these items. You can break up the packages and sell them one by one, or just sell the whole lot for a great value. These items are only available through an online auction that is ending in one day. The current bid is $961. If you want all the extra info on this auction, just head to GovernmentAuctions.org for everything you need.

Women’s Jeans: It’s Time To Bulk Up On Great Items!

mudd jeansThis auction is definitely designed for the resellers out there. You don’t always need to keep all the items you buy at auctions..this is definitely one of them. Up for auction today is a lot of women’s jeans. The brand is Mudd and the colors are olive green and cement. There is approximately 432 pairs available in this group. Every pair in this lot is size 11. If you win this auction, you could resell the lot as a whole for a great profit, or you could break it down and sell them one by one for an even better profit. These items are only available thought an online auction. There is only three days left to place a bid, and the current bid is just under $400. Click here for all the info you will need about this item.

Gentlemen’s Parka: Keeping You Warm Through The Winter

parkaThe winter season is quickly creeping up. This year, we suggest you do yourself a favor and plan months ahead. Getting you winter gear before the season’s rush hits, could be a great money saving technique. Up for auction today is one large men’s winter parka. The color on this item is navy blue and should keep you nice and toasty during the harsh winter that is approaching. You could really wear nothing under this coat and still be secure and warm when walking outside. This items is only available through a live auction The auction itself is being held in New Jersey. If you want to head to this auction, you are going to have to wait until November 3. For more details on this item, just click here.

100 Uniforms: Suit em’ Up

Hotel UniformsLooking to stock your new hotel business or cleaning service with suitable uniforms? If that’s your plan, then this might be the exact group of items you are looking for. Up for auction is approximately 100 Men’s and Women’s Uniforms. These uniforms come in all different colors and sizes. There are also different styles including: shirts, pants, and smocks. The condition of these uniforms range from used to new, and could easily be a perfect start-up collection of clothes for any new business. This lot of clothing is available via online auction. If you are looking for a deal, then you should know that the current bid is only at $10. This set of clothes ends in less then three days. For more information on this auction, head over to www.governmentauctions.org and activate your free trial.