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60 Michael Kors Blouses: Change Your Clothes

60 blusesThis upcoming online auction is for a lot of 60 Michael Kors Blouses! These blouses would be a great way to inject some style into your life within the next month. These blouses would be a great treat for someone who wants to look styling and profiling in their every day life. These blouses would be a great investment if you had a clothing store and wanted to sell some clothing at a reasonable price while still making a profit. These blouses are all in great shape and can be of use to anyone who wants to look good while on the move or have a closet that you need to fill up with really eye catching wears. This lot could also be sold door to door and you would STILL make a profit. Find out more about this item and about many more government auctions by checking out your free trial account right now.

940 Cartons Of Ladies Pullovers: Get Dressed With Style!

Ladies Pull OversIf you own a clothing store then you should seriously invest in this upcoming online auction for 940 Cartons Of Ladies Pullovers. These pullovers come in many different colors and sizes and would be some good stock inventory that you can probably resell and make a nice profit on. These articles of clothing are located in California and can be picked up when the auction is over. If you are a clotheshorse then you should definitely check these items out too. They would be a great fit in your closet or wherever you can store them. You’d probably need some kind of warehouse space or a reaaaallly big closet. Bid now and enjoy the fruits of your labor because you will more than likely get a great deal on this lot of items. You can find out more about this lot of clothing and about many other government auctions items by activating your free trial account right now.

Women’s Nike Free Run Sneakers: Run Free

NikeFreeRunGoing to the gym can be a very rewarding experience. If you want to get the most out of your workout time then you should take into consideration this pair of Women’s Nike Free Run Sneakers that will be part of a large live auction in California next month. These sneakers will help elevate your game and get you the workout you need. You would also feel lower impact as you run and jump your way to health and slimness. Plus, you would get these shoes at a nice discount with this live auction. Nike makes a great pair of sneakers and millions of Nike fans can’t be wrong, right? Find  out all about this item and many other government auctions by logging into your free trial account here.

Gold Bangle: This One Is For The Ladies!

gold bangleIf you know that it’s Christmas time, then you also know that women expect the goods. It’s not okay to just slap together a couple of gift cards…your presents need to be thoughtful. Here is where we come in. Up for auction is this 14KY bangle bracelet. This bracelet is decorated with a wavy diamond cut pattern. It has a hidden clasp and figure 8 safety locks. This is a lovely item for any woman in your life. Don’t miss out on this deal, and have to worry about running to the mall during this hectic holiday season. This item can be bid on through an online auction that is set to being on December 28. If you need more info, just click here to activate your free trial account today.

Women’s Nike Air Max Torch Sneakers: Up And At Them!

NikeAIrMAxHey if you want that extra edge at the gym and training outside them you should check out these Women’s Nike Air Max Torch Sneakers. These sneakers can take you all over the track, up a mountain, through a river, into a cave, out the top, and across the world. Well, maybe not all that but you can definitely find them at a live auction in California coming up soon. Nike is known the world over for making awesome sneakers. Now, you can enjoy this pair and probably at a discount. You would be the fastest woman on Earth if you got these. Again, we exaggerate, but these sneakers will definitely help you kick up your game.  Find out all about this item and many more by activating your free trial account.

Women’s Jeans: It’s Time To Bulk Up On Great Items!

mudd jeansThis auction is definitely designed for the resellers out there. You don’t always need to keep all the items you buy at auctions..this is definitely one of them. Up for auction today is a lot of women’s jeans. The brand is Mudd and the colors are olive green and cement. There is approximately 432 pairs available in this group. Every pair in this lot is size 11. If you win this auction, you could resell the lot as a whole for a great profit, or you could break it down and sell them one by one for an even better profit. These items are only available thought an online auction. There is only three days left to place a bid, and the current bid is just under $400. Click here for all the info you will need about this item.

Diamond Necklace: A Coiled Snake Of Shimmering Stones!

coiled necklaceShow your female companion the true spirit of Christmas or the real joys of Hanukkah by giving her a gift that truly embodies happiness. Up for auction today is one 10-karat white gold diamond necklace. This superior piece of jewelery is set with 199 round cut diamonds. These stones sparkle in daylight. If you are looking for a piece that will truly knock people’s socks off, then this is it. Want to make a bid? Well, you can only do that at the online auction. This items goes off the auction market in less then one day. The current bid is $2000. Head over to GovernmentAuctions.org to find out all the info on this item and many more like it.