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4 Nike Tennis Hats: Something Tennis Related!

4 Nike Tennis HatsIt’s never too late to play a nice game of tennis. This upcoming online auction is for a lot of 4 Nike Tennis Hats! These hats appear to be new and are in great condition. If you want to enjoy a nice game of tennis while protecting your eyes from the glaring hot sun then you should get these specially designed hats that are made for the sport, protect your eyes, and help your head breathe when the sweating starts. These hats are located in New Jersey and can be picked up or shipped out when you win. You will more than likely get a great bargain on these hats and if you had the gumption you would wear them to the tennis court every day while flaunting your highly valued tennis skills! Save money on these hats and save your eyes for more games of tennis. Find out more about this lot of items and many more by clicking here.

Nike Original Art Sneaker Paintings: Get Your Kicks

nikespaintingNike plus Art equals a winner. If you want to win at life, then maybe you should check out this upcoming live auction for a set of Nike Original Art Paintings. these paintings depict some custom Nike sneakers. If you are a sneaker head and fan of street art then this would be the ultimate gift for yourself, or someone else you know that is a fan, this would be great addition to anyone’s collection. Nike sneakers are the hallmark of cool sneakers. If you were looking for something unique and original, then this is it. This auction is happening soon, so jump on it! Find out more by activating your free trial right here.

Nike Running Shoes: Keep On Truckin!

running shoesIt’s time for you to wake up bright and early, put on your clothing, and lace up your new running shoes. Up for auction are these awesome women’s Nike running shoes. These are called Free Run and they are a size 9. These sneakers look to be in perfect condition and should be good to go. Don’t go out jogging or running in uncomfortable shoes that were made for basketball. If you like what you see, and you want to make a bid, then check out this online auction. This auction will being on December 28 and will finish on January 4. Hopefully you will be the proud new owner of these slammin sneakers. Want more details? Simply click here to activate a free trail account now.

Women’s Nike Free Run Sneakers: Run Free

NikeFreeRunGoing to the gym can be a very rewarding experience. If you want to get the most out of your workout time then you should take into consideration this pair of Women’s Nike Free Run Sneakers that will be part of a large live auction in California next month. These sneakers will help elevate your game and get you the workout you need. You would also feel lower impact as you run and jump your way to health and slimness. Plus, you would get these shoes at a nice discount with this live auction. Nike makes a great pair of sneakers and millions of Nike fans can’t be wrong, right? Find  out all about this item and many other government auctions by logging into your free trial account here.

Women’s Nike Air Max Torch Sneakers: Up And At Them!

NikeAIrMAxHey if you want that extra edge at the gym and training outside them you should check out these Women’s Nike Air Max Torch Sneakers. These sneakers can take you all over the track, up a mountain, through a river, into a cave, out the top, and across the world. Well, maybe not all that but you can definitely find them at a live auction in California coming up soon. Nike is known the world over for making awesome sneakers. Now, you can enjoy this pair and probably at a discount. You would be the fastest woman on Earth if you got these. Again, we exaggerate, but these sneakers will definitely help you kick up your game.  Find out all about this item and many more by activating your free trial account.

Nike Trainer Shoes: Run Forrest Run…To This Auction!

nike trainersNo matter the temperature, people are out and about. They are running down the pier or jogging through the park path. Either way, you need to hop on this deal. Up for auction is one pair of Nike trainer shoes. These jet black and are size 10. All you need to do is slip these babies on and head out the door–maximum comfort shouldn’t be too far behind. If you don’t want them, and know someone who is a habitual runner, then this would be a perfect Christmas gift. These are available through a live auction that will be held on December 8. It will be located in Miami, Florida. Don’t let someone else snatch these lovely sneakers up from under you. Click here for all the extra details.

Large Red Nike Basketball Shorts: Straight Ballin’

redshortsDoesn’t basketball season make you want to hit the court. Isn’t it ironic that basketball season generally takes place between fall and spring and the average persons basketball weather is during the summer? It just means that you can have some balling all year round with no interruption. If you want to enjoy your game as much as you can then you need something else besides the right kicks. You most certainly need a good pair of basketball shorts. Check out these Large Red Nike Basketball Shorts that will be up for sale as part of a large live auction coming in December. If you don’t get them for yourself then maybe you can gift them to a huge basketball fan that you know. Click here for the slamma jamma.

Size 10 Nike Trainers: Climbing The Mountain

NikeTrainersDo you need some new sneakers to take your workouts to the next level? Well, step right up and try on these Size 10 Nike Trainers. Nike makes a great deal of different sneakers and their trainers can be suited to each individuals needs. You can throw these on and go for a nice run. Remember those old Nike commercials? Well, that saying still rings true. When you are running for miles on that treadmill or around that park. your friend will look at you in awe, then turn to each other and say “It’s gotta be the shoes.” This live auction will take place at the beginning of the month and that means that you have a few more weeks to activate your free trial.