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Bandolino Shoes: Work It Girl

BandolinoIf you want to get some shoe action at a great price then check out this upcoming live auction for a pair of Bandolino Shoes. These shoes would be a nice way for you to enjoy a pair of fashionable high heels that would last you as long as you take care of them. These shoes are located in the state of Florida and can be picked up when you win or shipped out to you when you win. These shoes would help you shake your money maker or at least have you looking great at that next event you are going to. These shoes would make a nice gift for that special someone and would also be a nice treat to yourself if you were in the market for new shoes. Save money too! Find out more about these shoes and about many more items by activating your free trial account right now.

25 Cartons Of Ladies Shoes: Fabulous!

25 Cartons of Ladies ShoesIf you own a shoe store and want to amp up your inventory then you should check out this upcoming live auction for 25 Cartons Of Ladies Shoes. These shoes would make a great fit for may ladies out there. You get over 100 pair of new shoes with this live auction and we believe most of them are heels. They are black, come in assorted sizes, and are located in New Jersey. You would be remiss to not bid on this live auction lot because an opportunity like this does not come along very often. It would be a wise move if you ran a clothing store or just wanted to resell these to make some extra cash to put in your pocket. These shoes would also make someone very happy if they are addicted to buying shoes. Find out more about this lot of items along with a ton of other government auction items by activating your free trial account right here.

Ladies Will Love To Be In These Leather Boots!

virusshoesLadies love leather boots much like ladies love Cool J. If you are looking for some inventory and own a shoe store, then you should check out this upcoming live auction for some 13 Pairs of Ladies Letter Boots. You could probably get these boots at a super great deal since this is a live auction and all you have to do is resell these items at a profit. You could stand to make a pretty good chunk of change if you decide to put these on the market. Or, if you are a lady that likes boots, then you should check out this live auction and be set at least until next year. Who are we kidding? You would probably just get more the next day. And, that’s not even a misogynistic statement. It’s a scientific fact – ladies love shoes! This item goes on sale soon and can be yours for a great price as well. Find out more by clicking here.

Women’s Nike Free Run Sneakers: Run Free

NikeFreeRunGoing to the gym can be a very rewarding experience. If you want to get the most out of your workout time then you should take into consideration this pair of Women’s Nike Free Run Sneakers that will be part of a large live auction in California next month. These sneakers will help elevate your game and get you the workout you need. You would also feel lower impact as you run and jump your way to health and slimness. Plus, you would get these shoes at a nice discount with this live auction. Nike makes a great pair of sneakers and millions of Nike fans can’t be wrong, right? Find  out all about this item and many other government auctions by logging into your free trial account here.

Women’s Nike Air Max Torch Sneakers: Up And At Them!

NikeAIrMAxHey if you want that extra edge at the gym and training outside them you should check out these Women’s Nike Air Max Torch Sneakers. These sneakers can take you all over the track, up a mountain, through a river, into a cave, out the top, and across the world. Well, maybe not all that but you can definitely find them at a live auction in California coming up soon. Nike is known the world over for making awesome sneakers. Now, you can enjoy this pair and probably at a discount. You would be the fastest woman on Earth if you got these. Again, we exaggerate, but these sneakers will definitely help you kick up your game.  Find out all about this item and many more by activating your free trial account.