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2 Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Gaming Consoles: Fun On The Run

nintendodsliteHelp celebrate Mario’s 25th birthday by checking out these 2 Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Gaming Consoles that will be available as part of a large live auction coming next month. If you win this auction you would get one black gaming console and one white one. You can be the black & white cookie of gaming. These consoles can link together allowing you to play a game with a friend over a wi fi network. The Nintendo DS also has one of the most impressive game libraries of all time. These items would make great gifts for kids and adults as well. To find out more about this set of handheld consoles you can activate your account here.

Black Nintendo DS: Game On

BlackDSPlaying video games on the go is pretty common in today’s society. You would be hard pressed to take a morning commute somewhere without seeing someone getting their game on whether it’s on a phone or on a handheld console. Nintendo makes a great gaming product and they have been for many years. If you want a piece of that legacy and to have your own system then you should check out this upcoming live auction for a black Nintendo DS. Generally the system came out in white so this stylish color would be an added treat for the collector in you. You also get the added bonus of a huge gaming library. Find out more by activating your free trial account.