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2 Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Gaming Consoles: Fun On The Run

nintendodsliteHelp celebrate Mario’s 25th birthday by checking out these 2 Nintendo DS Lite Handheld Gaming Consoles that will be available as part of a large live auction coming next month. If you win this auction you would get one black gaming console and one white one. You can be the black & white cookie of gaming. These consoles can link together allowing you to play a game with a friend over a wi fi network. The Nintendo DS also has one of the most impressive game libraries of all time. These items would make great gifts for kids and adults as well. To find out more about this set of handheld consoles you can activate your account here.

7 Sony PSP Go Video Game Systems: On The Go Gaming

pspgoHandheld video game systems have been around for nearly 30 years. They just keep getting better and better. They keep getting sleeker and leaner; with more processing power. If you love gaming or own a game store and need some inventory then you should check out this upcoming live auction in New Jersey. This auction will contain many different items including this lot of 7 Sony PSP Go Video Game Systems. This unique system does not use discs or cartridges, instead you have to download content from the web in order to play a huge library of games. Find out more about this upcoming auction and more of your favorite products by activating your free trial account.