2004 CHEVROLET BLAZER: Super Low Mileage!

blazer04If you’re looking for a beast of a vehicle that is used and still has a ton of life left in it…you have come to the right place. The next auctions is for a 2004 Chevrolet Blazer. This truck has a fantastic teal paint job and would look amazing on the streets this summer. The best part about this vehicle is its low miles. There Blazer on has 41,000 miles on the engine. For this year, that is a great number. You can have this Blazer for years and years to come–you can even pass it down to your children. The car looks to be in superb condition and should be good to go the second you put the key in. This item is only available through an online auction. This auction is ending today the current bid is just under $6,000. This is a great deal. Click this link to activate your free account today!

Eight Laserjet Printers: Can’t Have Enough Of These!

eight printersIf you are starting a new business or just love to print stuff, this next auction should be right up your alley. There’s nothing worse than needing to print a document and you don’t have your own device. You have to call up your parents or your best buddy to beg them to print one piece of paper–and imagine the shame you’ll feel if it’s 20 pages! Don’t let that happen to you. Up for auction today is one lot containing eight laserjet printers. These range in company and all look to be in decent condition. If you just want one you could plug yours into the computer and sell the other seven for a great reseller’s profit. Don’t let this opportunity slip by you. This is only available through an online government auction. Want more details? Simply click here.

2001 DODGE RAM 1500: Keep On Truckin!

dodgeramThere is nothing cooler than having your own van with a ton of space to pack in all your friends and family. You can take them on a trip across American and see all the wonderful sights and sounds. There is so much room in these vans that you can literally live in it! If this idea peaks your interest, you should definitely check out this next auction. Up for sale is a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500. There is only 30,000 miles on this bad boy! You’re never gonna find a van with this low mileage in years. If properly taken care of, this van could last for another 20 years. Just start bidding at the online auction if you want a chance to own this great auto. Want more info? Simply click here for all the extra details.

Gateway Laptop Computer: The Passage To The WWW!

gatewayMost people living in this country have a computer. If you don’t, you seriously need to get up and get one for yourself. There is so much you can do with a computer. You can write novels, create a contact list, search the web, watch movies, and so much more! If that interests you–and I know that does–you should check out the next auction featured. This auction is for one Gateway laptop computer. This item looks to be in decent condition, but the operating system is not installed at this time. This can easily be replaced and installed for a small fee. This item is ending in less than a day and the current bid is only $25. Get connected and join the rest of society. Click here for more details.

Aluminum Frame Cots: It’s Camp Time!

cotsThe summer has reared its beautiful head and people are starting to go camping on a daily basis. Some people like to sleep on the floor, others like to sleep in sleeping bags, and some like to be elevated for optimal comfort. If you’re part of the last group, you’re going to want to scope out this next auction. Up for grabs right now is one lot containing 10 aluminum frame cots. These are great because they can be folded up and brought to any camp site. Fold it back out, and you have yourself a wonderful bed to sleep on for the duration of the trip. You’re off the ground and you don’t have to worry about those creepy crawlers biting you up at night. This auctions is ending today and the current bid is only $58! What a steal this would be! If you want more details, just click this link to check it out.

Metal Cabinet On Wheels: Storage On The Go!

metal cabThere is nothing worse than having all the rooms in your home or office clutters with random items. It’s truly a great feeling to have everything organized and neat. In reality, the way you keep your things shows what type of person you are in general: either a neat or messy person. Most people want to be the latter. If you want to organize your items and have the ability to move them around whenever you want, you should definitely check out this next item. Up for grabs right now is one metal cabinet on wheels. This bad boy has multiple compartments for ultimate storage capability. There current bid is only $56 and this auction is ending in less than 10 hours. You need to get on this deal ASAP. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal. Want all the details? Activate your free account today and check it out!

Lot of Designer Handbags: So Many Names!

21 bagsLadies, we know that you wish your collection of handbags can fill up rooms. Now, that fantasy can come true. This next auction lot contains loads of amazing designer handbags. They range from  Stuart Weitzman to Nancy Gonzalez to Dolce & Gabbana. If you win this fantastic lot, you will receive 21 fresh bags for a well-under market value. Your friends will be super jealous and if you don’t want all of them, you can resell them to your girlfriends. Don’t miss this awesome deal! There is only one day left to throw down your bid for this online auction. The current bid is $3,100, and with the names in this lot, that would be a steal! If you sleep on this auction, someone else will be in sheer bliss when they get that box full of great bags in the mail Want the info on this lot? Just click here for the details.

Infocus Digital Projector: Just Like Goin To The Movies!

infocusTry to picture this: you’re sitting at home and want to watch a movie, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of your toasty home. With this next auction item, you will have the ability to actually sit there and have a large screen picture of any TV show or movie you want–and you can put it on any wall in your house! Imagine the possibilities! The next item up for grabs is an Infocus Digital Projector. This item may need repairs, but you will most likely snag this great piece for a very low price. The current bid is only $5. There is only three days left to throw down a bid on this projector–so, don’t waste any time on this one. We are all lazy when it comes to going out on Friday nights. So, why not just have the party at your house? If you want to check this item out, just click this link and activate your free trial account!

Camera Olympus OM-1: Pop-Pop!

olympusThe first day of summer has arrived and the weather is simply magnificent. The sun is a bright as a supernova and the stars shine through the night sky with a passion.  Ever thought about capturing these lovely images on camera? Well, if so, then this auction for a Camera Olympus OM-1 is perfect for you. These camera’s are sturdy, reliable, and give you some of the clearest photos you will ever see. Carry this bad boy around your neck and snap up amazing pictures left and right. In addition to the actual camera, you will receive two lenses that should be compatible with this hardware. To bid on this online auction you will need to click here for that chance. The current bid is only $87! So, you could snag this awesome piece of hardware for well-under retail value. If you want more info on this item and many more like it, simply click this link.

32 Dell Desktop Computers: Go With The Flow!

32 Dell Desktop ComputersThis current online auction is for 32 Dell Desktop Computers! These machines would be a great way to ring in summer because there is nothing better than getting out of the sweltering heat and into an air conditioned computer room. Hey, to each his own right? Well, with this auction you get 32 Dell Computers that could end up saving you a good chunk of cash when you end up buying them. Dell knows how to rock and roll when it comes to their machines. These Dells are located in Montana and can be picked up or shipped out to you when you win. You could totally end up reselling these machines at a pretty good profit as well. The current bid on this lot of computers is only $10 with the auction ending extremely soon! Find out more about these computers and about many more government auction items when you activate your free trial account now!