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Startrac E-TR Treadmill: Feel The Burn!

treadmillWith winter in full effect and warmer weather soon to be on the way, now is the perfect time to get into the best shape of your life! Fortunately this next auction deal is here to help you. It’s for a Startrac E-TR Treadmill and it’s currently being held in El Paso, Texas. This user-friendly treadmill features a console and keypad, user-specific workout programs, a dedicated heart rate display, an accessory holder, a 5 horsepower AC motor, a 9″ step up height, and a user weight capacity of 500 pounds. It’s in very good condition with no stated defects. As of right now the current asking price for this treadmill is just $41 with 2 online bids placed. If you’d like to find more about this treadmill or other exercise equipment then all you have to do is click here in order to activate your 3 day free trial account!


Lot of Exercise Bikes: Get In Shape Before Summer!

schwinnNext up on the auction block is this lot consisting of miscellaneous exercise bikes. With winter already here, now is the time to get into shape before summer and this next auction will definitely help you do that. There are 3 Schwinn Air-Dyne stationary fitness bikes being sold in total, as well as 1 Cybex hand cycle. All of this equipment is being sold as is but is in overall good working shape. The winning bidder will be solely responsible for the items removal, so keep that in mind prior to bidding on it. As of right now, the current asking price for this bulk auction is just $34 with 4 online bids already placed. This auction will be ending in exactly 22 hours and 54 minutes so click here right now in order to find out more about it!



CYBEX 620-A Arc Trainer: Feel The Burn!

cybexHave a look at this next auction bargain for a Cybex 620-A Arc Trainer that is now currently available for online bid. This piece of machinery is the perfect thing to help get you ready and in shape for summer. The Cybex 620-A packs a punch by combining elements of a climber, cross-trainer and cross-country skier.It’s also designed to put the least amount of stress on joints while maintaining the highest level of performance. If you’re looking for a beach body, this machine will get you there. All potential bidders are encouraged to preview the item before deciding to bid on it. As of right now the current price for this Cybex is just $100 with 2 online bids already placed. The online auction ends in precisely 3 days, 3 hours, and 15 minutes so hurry up and click here now to learn all about it before it’s too late!

Emerson Digital Food Scale: Stay Healthy, Friends

scale1Looking for a way to monitor your food intake so you can get in shape? Well maybe you should consider getting this Emerson Digital Food Scale to help you do that. It will be going up for live auction next month in Pompano Beach, Florida. This food scale uses precision sensor technology which accurately measures any type of food under 11 pounds. It is capable of displaying weigh in kilograms, pounds, grams, and ounces. It uses 2 double A batteries and is made with a tempered glass platform, removable stainless cover, and the tray is dishwasher safe. Easy to use and effective, this food scale also has an LCD display for easy viewing. So if you want to look good before the weather gets warmer, then we strongly recommend you check out this upcoming auction. Click here now in order to learn more about it and to also activate your 3 day free trial now!!

Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS: It’s Like Having a Personal Trainer On Your Wrist!

forerunnerLet’s kick today’s auction deals off with this Garmin Forerunner 310XT GPS. The Forerunner is a must-have for any competitive athlete. As a GPS-enabled training device, this device offers so much more than other fitness tools of its kind. It has a rugged design making it an indispensable training tool for triathletes and it offers superior data tracking as well. The forerunner is water-resistance up to 164 ft (50m) and has a built in heart rate monitor that can even work with you while you’re in the water. This device also compiles data of your weight, body fat, body water, and other body composition data using  the Tanita BC-1000 body scale. You’d be able to track your body’s progress as you train and set goals for your fitness level. This item will be going up for live build at the end of the month in Pompano Beach, Florida so if you’d like to learn more about it simply click here to activate your 3 day free trial.

Various Exercise Equipment: Open Your Own Gym

Exercise MachinesLooking to get in shape for summer? Better yet, looking to make some money off of people who need to get in shape for summer? If you said yes to either of those questions, then you definitely need to check out this next auction for a one lot of various exercise equipment. This lot consists of the following machines: 1 Star Trac Spinner, 1 Procor seated leg curl, 1 Proc leg extention, 3 Precor EFX Versa Climbers, 2 Star Trac exercise bikes, 1 Neprenee bumbell aerobic rack, and 1 Precor Vertical pec deck. Although these items appear to be in good working condition, it is still recommended that you view them in person prior to bidding. As of right now, the current price for them is $1,000 with 1 online bid placed and 1 day, 4 hours, and 47 minutes remaining. Activate your 3 day free trial now, to learn more about this amazing deal before it’s too late.

2 Life Fitness, Model 77-0 Series Treadmills: Get In Shape For Summer!

treadmillWarm weather may be here, but it’s still not too late to get into the best shape of your life. And fortunately, this next auction can help you do exactly that. It consists of 2 Life Fitness, Model 77-0 Series Treadmills. These treadmills have 7 custom workouts and 20 levels of difficulty. They also sport a 3.0 HP Magnadrive motor and have a deluxe console with control pad. Made for residential use, these treadmills have a 400lb weight capacity. They are stated to be in good condition and are ready to be placed in your home gym! With a current price of just $5, this is an unbeatable deal that you just won’t be able to find anywhere else. This bulk auction has a current price of just $5 with 1 bid already placed. This auction ends in 6 days, 6 hours, and 8 minutes so make sure you click here right now in order to activate your 3 day free trial.

Polar RS300X Heart Rate Monitor Watch: Keep Active, Stay Healthy.

polarAre you looking for an easy way to stay healthy? Well then maybe this Polar RS300X heart rate monitor watch is what you need. It goes up for live auction in just a few weeks in Pompano, Florida. This easy-to-use wrist heart rate monitor and training computer helps you to train at the right intensity. It provides important metrics for heart rate, speed, distance, pace, and calorie burn that will help aid you on your crusade to get in shape or stay fit. The Polar RS300x is also incredibly helpful since it tracks your latest 16 training sessions and your last 16 weeks of training — perfect for keeping a record of your progress. So if getting in shape is your goal before summer, then be sure to attend this upcoming auction. All you have to do first is click here to activate your 3 day free trial to get started!

Life Fitness Treadmill: Lose Weight And Feel Great!

Life Fitness Treadmill!Don’t you want to lose weight and feel great? Sure, we all do. Now is your chance because you can bid on this Life Fitness Treadmill that is currently up for online auction. Once you win you will be a double winner. You would win this item and you would also win at getting your life back! You could workout every day on this machine and really feel the effects especially if you take care of yourself. Imagine running for a few miles every day and having healthy meals along with the working out. The pounds would literally melt off of you and you would feel like a tower of power. Treadmills are a great way to get in shape, build up your stamina, and build up your cardio as well. The current bid on this item is only $25 with the auction ending January 31. Find out more about this item and about many more by activating your free trial account now.

5 Aqua Jogger Systems: Get A Move On!

Aqua JoggerIf you like to exercise and want to take it to the next crazy level, then you should check out this upcoming online auction for 5 Aqua Jogger Systems. These harnesses can be worn in a pool and would let you exercise to your hearts content. You can really get in shape and up your stamina points with these items. They look like they come new in box and would be ready to rock and roll once you bust them out. They are located in Florida and can be shipped or picked up by you. These would be the perfect lot of items to get if you ran a pool or were a physical personal water trainer. These would also be great for kids to teach them how to swim. These harnesses can be used by everyone from all ages and would last as long as you take care of them. Heck, wear them under your clothes. Find out more about this lot of items and more by activating your free trial now.